SMILE, an essence of life, that creates perfection!

YOU are holding a gem called diamond that could facilitate the direct experience which is the foundation of the entire universe.
YOU may swallow another opportunity to know
and become firmly established in that ‘SMILE Knowing which is your true essence nature timelessly and infinitely perfect Being.
SMILE a radiant ray of warm effulgence contains
liberation! A broad minded with open attitude is helpful in approaching this SMILE contents. It has nothing to do what spiritual literature or teachings one has studied, living words of Truth will always be fresh and immediate.
SMILE truth cannot be systematized into sanitized
concepts, no concept being whole or original.
YOU are invited to dip your mind into this wellspring and allow heart to fully imbibe the radiant wisdom gleaming from these pages!
It has been completely evolved by grace. Trust
that the words contained in this book will carry the fragrance of joy, peace and love experienced by those who understands the fundamentals principles.
s m i l e !
Dr Dinesh kapur

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