Suzanna Isaac

Dear Dr. Dinesh kapur,

I would kindly like to thank you for the treatment. you are like God Sent in my case I had lost all my hope and confidence after i was told that i was having Parkinson. And to live with this at such a young age was a killer by itself but thanks to Dr. kapur I am having my treatment since past two months and I feel a lot of difference. I only hope that I wish to be cured by this dreadful aliment. My hands and legs use to tremor a lot and have acute pain to some extent it has recovered this is a no side effects treatment .and I would personally say that this is quite effective in many other aliments also I would thank you DR. once again and would say on ratings level a really v. good. keep up the good spirit and the work too. thanks for all your help.

Thanks & Regards!  Suzanna Isaac

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