Sidhartha Sinha

Dear Dr Kapur,
Thought I’ll let you know that I left your clinic this afternoon feeling a lot better — the back stiffness and ache had disappeared. Thank you!
I am hopeful that your treatment will also improve my wife’s condition. Madhulika, 42, has been bed-ridden for the last seven years. She has a acute form of Multiple Sclerosis.
She cannot move her legs (diminished sensation, loss of muscle mass and contraction); she’s reluctant to open her mouth, has problem with speaking, chewing food and swallowing. She gets spasms (involving legs and torso) every time someone rubs the skin on her legs. There’s a big bedsore near her tailbone, which requires her to be on a urine catheter. Before being put on a catheter, she had urinary incontinence.
She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2005. Her condition deteriorated steadily with drop in vision and extreme weakness of the limbs. Initially, the lesions were concentrated in her spinal cord, but an MRI after a relapse in 2007 revealed multiple lesions in the brain, too.
She’s currently on 12mg/day steroid, antibiotics for urine infection (which refuses to go), and homeopathic medicines.
We started Sujok treatment under your supervision on October 4. Kindly advice on the seed and moksa points.
Warm regards, Sidhartha S Singh
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