John Norman Dela Cruz

Dr. Dinesh ~ I am most fortunate in that I people such as yourselves, whom I feel a keen and sincere sense of trust. I have been here for more then seven months, and truly feel blessed that “YOU” have each blessed my life and that I can truly feel great fortune. I also place my trust in the Lord for allowing me to accomplish all that my heart has ever desired. In sad times and in bad times good has come into my life. Simple words buoyed me up and I am transcending into a realm of love and thanksgiving. There have been times when life was dark and dreary, yet somehow; I overcame these shadows, which plagued my life, enabling me to overcome my weaknesses. Grace is and always will be, and by keeping an open mind, the still small voice whispers, “I love you and care about your well being.” thanks for this wonder share. We have missed you!

John Cruz

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