Bapu Mohammad Akram

I have searched for the best healing methods and I have found TriOrigin ’SuJok’ [Therapy] to be one of the best, and most effective method available. It is easy to learn, safe, it works really well. TriOrigin is a very effective method that will help many patients get better more effectively, more quickly and more consistently. I feel that a acupuncturist or a acupuncture studying student it is a must to learn TriOrigin. It will help many patients, worth your every rupee.Through online surfing we got to know dr. Dinesh, so we had contacted him, and told about the problem; I and my husband was suffering with ailments, then we decided to meet dr. Dinesh personally, as we live in Abudhabi, we personally went to Delhi met Dr Dinesh, he taught us the concept, made us understand what is TriOrigin therapy, he taught about the meridian, it is really amazing with small needles we can heal diseases which modern medicine fail .Me and my husband took some treatment from dr. Dinesh it really helped us with our problem. Dr Dinesh has taught me how to use micro needles for various diseases. Dr Dinesh has huge amount of knowledge and really taught us in a very understanding way. People suffering with any chronic or acute ailment should give a try for therapy, then they will know how useful it is, I had seen in charitable temple, people with kidney failure, spinal, diabetic, etc are benefited from this treatment,
i would like to thank Dr Dinesh for his effort in teaching us and helping us out, He is really kind and polite person. thank you

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