Ajay Sahai Jasra

I am known to Dr Dinesh Kapur since early nineties, when I was a journalist and Dr Kapur a marketing professional. The kind of terrible life experiences he has gone through. I still wonder how he not only passed those dark phases of his life unharmed; but was also evolved as a man of wisdom and faith, matching to any Guru of this age.
As a friend I always had liberty to question, criticise and at time ridicule his wisdom, faith and theories. However, as a patient friend and a benefactor he was kind and humble to all my harsh criticism. Now when I have a mature and peaceful conscience and empty space in my head to listen to a sage and Guru of a kind, I realised that a friend like Dr Kapoor was a God’s gift to me, to reveal many obvious secrets of life, I have been baffling with all these years. and it is my heartiest wishful thinking to share this friend of mine as a gift with the entire humanity.

 Love and regards,
Ajay S Jasra
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