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Garnadion Diter

Thank you for this post Dr. Dinesh, it’s really very helpful and informative. I was able to educate myself by reading your blog from some time, and especially this article on (GAD) had opened my eyes about some questions, that I was having, because I’m interested in the field of brain and mental disorders and I am researching intensively on […]

Miguel carlino

Dr Dinesh Kapur, Thank you for your excellent site I visit regularly for accuracy in the diagnosis of a particular disease. I am Sujok Therapist in France. Cordially

Relislim Barnard

The article is simply amazing. I really like your ideas on weight loss. sometimes it simply takes some effort and the right diet schedule/ know how. I’d love to link to your article from my IG account as i think it will serve my audience well. I wouldn’t be able to get my point across as well as you did […]


I have to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in writing the different contents. In truth, your creative writing abilities must have inspired others too to do humanity work! thanks


Incredible to find out the results after having problem of chikungunya and unbearable pain syndromes which could easily be recovered after taking few sessions from doctor Dinesh Kapur. It is really unbelievable. Thanks to him for the effectiveness. Abhilasha

Vibha Gandhi

Premature greying of hair. Dr Kapur could you please suggest solution through colour and seed therapy! Digestion largely fine with bloating when there are long intervals between food intake, this is controlled by having small portions of food every 3 hours or so. Tinnitus for a long time.  Numbness in hands while sleeping, last and ring finger. Thanks  

Uma Shanker

Dr, Nice article explaining the factors that determine the colour of the skin. I have a patient of mine – a baby girl – aged 2 years and 9 months who has been diagnosed with Crigler-Najjar syndrome (type 1) since birth.  Her entire body is yellow including the face and her eyes are bright yellow. She has an higher level […]

Gopal Panthula

Doctor We are treating this patient named Gopal Panthula, as per your instructions. The patient shows improvement in both vision as well as hearing and overall well being. Thanks a lot for your guidance! We enjoy while seeing results.  

Dr. Harini

Namaste Sir, Could you please guide us in the following case. I have a 32 yrs old male patient with congenital heart disease which is ‘tetralogy of fallout’ The patient uses antihypertensive from last 10 years. 2 yrs Back the patient had intracranial haemorrhage which resulted in blindness. Now he is gradually loosing his hearing. CT Scan shows intracranial haemorrhages […]


Dear Doctor, Thanks for providing relief to my sister, who in last 20 years for the first time has given up her Painkillers. My sister who is suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis was taking steroids and painkillers and has drastically reduced their intake and is better.
As for me I had high BP medicine and several painkillers for my migraine. However after few […]

Alka Maheshwari

Could not believe the effectiveness of TriOrigin SuJok which immediately controlled my toothache, that too with no medicine or painkiller. Unbelievable it works. Thanks to doctor Dinesh! Alka Maheshwari

Saurabh Puri

I am Saurabh Puri, I have been under treatment of dr. Dinesh kapur, I am suffering from Asthma problem from the last 14 years, Due to this I have face lot of problems but since the treatment i feel better no , In-fact now I started running also which is big achievement in my life. Although its initial period of my treatment but […]

Ankita Gupta

Astoundingly Dr Dinesh Kapur TriOrigin ‘colors’ acupuncture shown positive results through the correction of energy channels that assist in fertility. Everything is only on the hands that itself is an awesome approach. One must try who have failed to conceive with medicinal concept. It has no side effects as no medication at all and no direct application on organs. I […]

Amita Khattar

I was suffering from Chikungunya fever after that I had stiffness and joint pain. I was not even able to do my day-to-day work. After taking the treatment through acupuncture TriOrigin, its marvellous, Now i am running like anything. Dr. Dinesh could easily give us positive results particularly in pain and swelling after the disease. Thanks to doctor Dinesh Kapur Amita […]

Willian Slyton

I really enjoy reading on this website , it holds wonderful posts . “Dream no small dreams. They have no power to stir the souls of men.” by Victor Hugo. Willian Slyton  

Vibha Gandhi

Doctor, I have been benefitted in terms of my arms getting numbness while in sleeping state, much lesser pain, negligible during periods, cycles, curing my throat infections; even the naval which was smelly at times is good I now started observing it. Everything has started after having my moxibustion sessions, seeds, and colors as guided by you that too only in […]

Amit Kumar

Dr .Dinesh Kapoor’s treatment was a life changing experience for me. Sujok is a wonderful therapy and helps cure many problems both which are deep-rooted and otherwise.Dr. Dinesh performs this treatment wonderfully and delicately without making you feel that he is a doctor. I was extremely satisfied with his treatment as it worked wonders for my nasal problem and fatigue […]

Krishna Kumar

I have been a beneficiary of Dr. Dinesh Kapur’s expertise in Korean Palm Therapy (KPT) which he practices with ease and dedication. Many of my chronic diseases, like blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetics etc., have been fully cured by him. Initially, I was not much impressed about the KPT and wondered about how cure of such diseases can be achieved by […]

Tarun Maggu

Sure shot treatment by color therapy is possible as I have experienced by the treatment of my daughter who is 6 years old and had a regular habit of bed wetting . I treated homeopathy but not too much avail but by color therapy bed wetting ceased from second day itself thanks to Dr. Kapur. Tarun Maggu

Neetu Singh

It was an amazing experience indeed. By applying red colour in a specific way and applying heat , the cough was gone in a matter of 2 days. Thanks to Dr. Dinesh Kapur. 


Dear Dinesh, Thank you for the link to share. For several years now I have had sever pain in the liver area..Tests showed nothing but my doctor removed my gall bladder and it helped with the stabbing pain. However during the removal they noticed I had a fatty liver. I took steps to lose weight and changed my diet and […]

Radhika Arya

About two years back when I had lost hope on extending my family due to polycystic ovaries, I discovered Dr Dinesh Kapur’s therapy of Acupuncture.  The doctors had given up on my conceiving but with two months treatment , the miracle happened.  We have been blessed with a son today and all thanks to Dr Kapur who has let us live our […]

Parulekar Florina

I visited your site. It is really wonderful and impressive. I must say you have the intelligence and grasping power along with wisdom to understand the concept. It is not only learning or attending courses but you are implementing it the right way. Among so many I find you the most successful one. You have understood the right pathways or […]

Kirti Jain

I, Kirti Jain, surprised to see the fabulous cure effect of ACUPUNCTURE TriOrigin through Dr. Dinesh Kapur who cured my cervical spondylosis, spinal-lower back ache, body aches which I was having for the last about two years. After taking few sessions I could see the positive results. Now I have started telling others to have same treatment concept through Dr. Dinesh […]


Thank you Dr Dinesh for your prompt response. We are fortunate to have you give your time for us, Thanks for being so attentive to details. Regards! Tash

Harneet Kaur

heartfelt gratitude to dr. kapoor for his treatment and coöperation. i found positive results for indigestion, constipation leading to piles in just 15 days. God bless all.

Jaya Laxmi

There are times when a person feels very uneasy and does not understand why it is so and same happened with me few days back. When I consulted Dr. Dinesh he told me it is because it is of immense heat released in the body which makes it miserable and person feels very uneasy. He told me that it […]

Bapu Mohammad Akram

I have searched for the best healing methods and I have found TriOrigin ’SuJok’ [Therapy] to be one of the best, and most effective method available. It is easy to learn, safe, it works really well. TriOrigin is a very effective method that will help many patients get better more effectively, more quickly and more consistently. I feel that a […]


Thank you for your help. I am going to give this a try. You are very nice to help so many people and share your wisdom. Deanne

Nazma Shazeel

Smile wishes Dr. Dinesh, I always follow your different blogs, and your latest TriOrigin website, your explanation about each problem is very comprehensive, and interesting sir. May the almighty God help you to reach out to many cause of humanity. God bless!

Sandeep Sodhi

Hi, Doctor Dinesh Indeed, it is pleasure to see you while browsing the web. It is really a great to know that you are helping for the cause of civilization. Though, it is about a couple of months back, when I suddenly develop herpes. Probably, it will help others to view the comment that such a problem can any one […]


I was suffering with a negative thinking and anxiety and was having western medicine but of no use and after it led to depression. Then I happen to meet Dr.Dinesh Kapur, consultant in acupuncture TriOrigin. He advised me to put some color and rings which helped a lot to over the problem. Indeed, it is unbelievable! Thanks to Dr Dinesh […]

Sanjay Dutt

It’s indeed been a pleasure having Dr. Dinesh Kapur treat me for the last few weeks…..his demeanour, skill set and words of re assurance to the patient itself solves half the illness…..i have been getting treatment done for Menieres/Tinnitus and am feeling better since the sessions started….I definitely feel that Sujok treatment done by him is beneficial and has a […]

K.R. Nair

Dr. Dinesh, I have been touched by your friendliness, devotion and in-depth knowledge in the acupuncture which has helped many people suffering from acute ailments. When you smile, the world is filled with it. Your simplicity and commitment to help people decorate your position as a Doctor who cures, without any medicine, through a technique for balancing the flow of […]

Venkateshwar Rao

Sir, I am Venkateshwar Rao. I am aged 54 yrs, an Engineer working in govt dept having some knowledge in sujok. I have seen information’s on various ailments which is very much educative. I have gained lot of knowledge. Thanks sir for keeping so much information on net.Kindly update latest information regularly so that it is useful to common people. […]

Div Karan

Special thanks to Dr.kapoor for treating babaji for his back pain we could not have thought of a deep relation between back pain and gastric trouble . thanks a lot for treatment as well as guidelines on healthy lifestyle. Div Karan

Sunil Jain

It has given a positive effect even on paralysis of my father Sh.Jayant Pd, through doctor Dinesh’ acupuncture concept. We could see the difference with the initial few four sessions. thanks to doctor, Sunil Jain

Patricia Cannel

Dinesh – Thank you for those great words of wisdom. It sure gives me something to think about. I am always trying to improve my life these days. Thanks again for sharing. Patricia Cannel

Sidhartha Singh

Sir, my niece, Saloni Singh, who had developed neurological complications due to Wilson’s disease, a genetic disorder in which copper accumulates in the body) has shown marked improvement after your treatment. Her problem of excessive salivation (drooling) has stopped and her reaction time (comprehension and response) has greatly improved. She looks more alert now and we hope to see more […]

Tayyab Pervez

For the past 15 years my mother had suffered from Eczema, Psoriasis with multiple problems like Diabetes, Hypertension & Joint Stiffness etc. After taking treatment through Dr. Dinesh Kapur, we were really surprised to see the efficacy and implementation of needles so precise that gives my mothers’ ailment to cure effect which she was suffering for the past so many […]

Dr.Neetu Jain

Dr. Dinesh Kapoor is a healer par excellence because of use of excellent alternative healing modality. He is the kind of doctor that whosoever comes to him, gets the benefit. His skills of treating so many patients suffering from so many ailments are really awesome. His notion of smile is really commendable. The evolution of his smile movement will surely […]

John Norman Dela Cruz

John Norman Dela Cruz Dr. Dinesh ~ I am most fortunate in that I people such as yourselves, whom I feel a keen and sincere sense of trust. I have been here for more then seven months, and truly feel blessed that “YOU” have each blessed my life and that I can truly feel great fortune. I also place my trust in the Lord […]

Ajay Sahai Jasra

I am known to Dr Dinesh Kapur since early nineties, when I was a journalist and Dr Kapur a marketing professional. The kind of terrible life experiences he has gone through. I still wonder how he not only passed those dark phases of his life unharmed; but was also evolved as a man of wisdom and faith, matching to any […]


Dear Dr. Kapur, I wanted you to know how pleased I am with the results to date of the treatment I have received. I was suffering with Gall Bladder Stone & Sinus problem for so long & was starting my everyday as a painful journey. I have seen several doctor’s with different therapy over the years. For a Gall Bladder […]

Amit Chandrakar

Dear Dr.Dinesh Kapur, My wife Mrs. M.Chandrakar was suffering from Slip Disc at spines since last one year and as a result was in severe pain. We tried everything – Orthopedic Physicians, Physiotherapists and Spine Surgeons. Underwent array of tests like M.R.I., C.T.Scan, X-Ray, Blood Tests, etc. but of no avail. Our family was disturbed emotionally as it was difficult […]

Amit Talwar

Dr .Dinesh Kapoor’s treatment was a life changing experience for me. TRIORIGIN is a wonderful therapy and helps cure many problems both which are deep-rooted and otherwise.Dr. Dinesh performs this treatment wonderfully and delicately without making you feel that he is a doctor. I was extremely satisfied with his treatment as it worked wonders for my nasal problem and fatigue problem.He […]


My father Md Hafiz, having hypertension with other multiple problems such as diabetes, intestinal problem, prostrate, kidney and so many others. But it is amazing to see the results of Sujok acupuncture through which blood pressure is quite within normal range which could not be controlled even after taking medicine for the last twenty years. Surprising through Dr.Dinesh, it could […]


Here I just want to share my experience on Dr. Dinesh’s knowledge and his command on the art of TRIORIGIN acupuncture. The above mentioned constipation is becoming a common illness these days due to wrong food habits and lifestyle. My mother suffered from the Piles since last 20 yrs and with no proper cure for it . We loooked at every […]

Sidhartha Sinha

Dear Dr Kapur, Thought I’ll let you know that I left your clinic this afternoon feeling a lot better — the back stiffness and ache had disappeared. Thank you! I am hopeful that your treatment will also improve my wife’s condition. Madhulika, 42, has been bed-ridden for the last seven years. She has a acute form of Multiple Sclerosis. She […]

Sunil Chahal

I would like to congratulate Dr Dinesh kapur on the kind of magic he does with accupuncture.My mother an asthma pateint have been to Apollo Hospital in ICU many times and we didnt find any hope of her getting better. she couldn’t leave her oxygen for even 5 min,she couldn’t walk on her own, as was diagnosed in hospital as […]

Manish Jain

I would like to thanks to Dr.Dinesh Kapur, rather I have got no words for him, who performed acupuncture sujok treatment to my wife Mrs Manisha Khanna who was suffering from asthmatic problems for the last eighteen years alongwith other multiple problems like throat coarse, shortness of breath, clentched jaws, chronic fatigueness, excessive cough, loss of hair rapidly and many […]

Harsh Bhalla

My mother was suffering from severe asthma. We consult so many doctors in Patel chest institute infect my mother gets treated by them for more than two years but then nothing good happens that’s all temporary as soon as the weather changes she again and again gets asthma attack we were very tensed at that time. Then one day I […]

Dr. Purnima Sharma

Dear Dr. Kapur, I want to take the opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you for treating me through accupunture-SU-JOK . I had been chronically suffering from this strange problem of acidity, phlegm, and drowsiness for many years. Just three sittings have made a significant improvement in the health. The best part is that the energy levels and the […]

Krishna Nair

Many friends have asked me if the Acute Kidney Injury(AKI) and Acute Kidney Damage (AKD) could be cured by acupuncture. My answer was yes. Acupuncture is now an effective therapeutic system which is popular even in western countries as a natural and alternative therapy for chronic diseases including kidney diseases. AKI is a rapid loss of excretory function of kidneys […]

LN Prasad

My wife Shail Prasad, aged 59 years, was diagnosed with CKD V stage kidney problems and was advised to go for Dialysis immediately. Her Creatinine on 17th August, 2011 was 8.93 with the symptoms such as in the swelling all over the body, difficult movements, fatigueness, nausea, etc., as we were not ready to opt for dialysis, when we started […]