WEIGHT gain is possible with modality acupuncture on two fingers!

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Acupuncture now become a more common form of healthcare services not only who are struggling to gain weight but also in any other modality. To gain weight could be a viable alternative and may be effective as a resolution. A person’s appetite can be balanced with use of Acupuncture. It focuses that a life force known as ‘Qi’ ‘Chi’ ‘Vital energy’ operates under principal channel meridians stomach and spleen to bring body into a natural state of balance and regain normal appetite. Correct spinal alignment too is essential; as misaligned can be a reason of other problems leading not to gain weight.weight+
Though, possibility may be of genetic, illness, metabolism or lack of food or could be associated with medical conditions including hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis or cancer. Some are affected due to gastrointestinal or liver problem as unable to absorb nutrients adequately or some time with over exercise or even certain eating disorders can also be reason. Individuals who could not gain weight may have poor physical stamina and weak immune system, leaving them to infection may further associate with terminal disease. Further, such person may more prone to osteoporosis. Or can be reason of liver problems as unable to absorb nutrients adequately. People with certain eating disorder due to lack of nutrients, over exercise may also be the reason.

  • Looking to gain weight, individuals advised to increase intake of calories, means to add more dried fruits, cheese, and nuts plus to increase the consumption of water.
  • Water is a major part of everybody cell, tissue and organ. It plays an important role in almost everybody functions, including: temperature regulation, transportation of oxygen and nutrients. It’s an essential nutrient and is solvent in which all chemical reactions of life take place. Aide eliminates waste through urine and feces, lubrication of joints. Acting a major part of body fluids such as mucus and tears. Giving cells their shape and stability. Hence in the original shape!
  • Exercise increases a person’s appetite. So, make it a practice to do some exercise. It can help stimulate a person’s appetite if they are not inclined to eat. Exercise for several short periods throughout the day when time is limited.
  • Get more spice! Adding spice is a smarter way to treat your taste buds with the intention to improve metabolism.

An acupuncturist will typically concentrate on stomach and spleen meridians to rebalance a person’s energy and help them regain a natural appetite. In case polarity to touch than better to tonify Homo power!
An important aspect of TriOrigin, a powerful tool to control weight either over or under.
Needless to say, if difficult to gain weight, consider coming to an acupuncturist and stay healthy. It’s possible to eat your way to better health! The beauty of concept is that each treatment caters to the need of an individual.

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Thyroid gland that is not active enough, called hypothyroidism, is far more common. It can make to gain weight, feel fatigued and have difficulty dealing with cold temperatures. If thyroid gland is too active, it makes more thyroid hormones than the body needs. That condition is hyper thyroids’. Too much thyroid hormone can make to lose weight, speed up heart rate and makes very sensitive to heat.thyroid-hypo
Treatment involves trying to reset body’s metabolism to a normal rate. Thyroid hormones regulate how body breaks down food and either uses that energy immediately or stores it for future. In other words, thyroid hormones regulate our body’s metabolism.
Thyroid hormones influence almost every organ system in body, mainly how fast or slow organs should work. It also regulates the consumption of oxygen and production of heat.
It could also be reason by lack of iodine in diet, which prevents thyroid from making enough hormones. Sometimes it can arise when part or all, of thyroid has been removed for treatment of cancer or hyperthyroidism.  It can also go with other inflammatory conditions. But sometimes, the disease destroys so much thyroid tissue that the gland can’t produce enough thyroid hormone. Thus, hypothyroidism sets in, and
Symptoms include:
Decreased libido
Delayed relaxation of tendon reflexes or slow reflexes
Dry skin
Feeling cold (even on warm days) or cold intolerance
Lethargy and fatigue
Mental retardation
Poor hearing
Poor memory
Puffiness of face
Reduced concentration (brain fog)
Slow speech
Thin or brittle hair or more hair loss
Unusual weight gain
Weight gain despite decreased appetite
Anovulation that can cause irregular, infrequent periods, heavy or prolonged bleeding
Though most common cause is a deficiency of iodine, as iodine is necessary to produce thyroid hormone. If there is not enough iodine present in body, gland enlarges as it works harder to get necessary iodine.
Autoimmune condition Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an immune disease where body produces antibodies against cells and tissue of thyroid gland. This leads to a diminished amount of thyroid hormone production that is further associated with other immune mediated diseases such as diabetes mellitus, pernicious anemia, celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematous. In children, it leads to delays in growth and intellectual development, which is called cretinism in severe cases.
No second thought, per energy concept of TriOrigin ‘colors’ ‘seeds’, in either case dominant Heat energy excess or deficient is manifested. Practically can assist overall improvement as well as other emotional aspects such as stress, anxiety, anger and frustration, which are often associated, in both the cases vital energy is in disharmony. The course of treatment is uneventful. To aid in syndrome one may put colors with permanent marker pen, only as prescribed!

https://triorigin.me/ ‘Dr. Dinesh kapur’
Believe in the cure!