BREAST abscess in micro acupuncture

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It’s an acute inflammation, infection with a collection of pus within tissues, acute purulent disorder of breast mostly found in lactation period after delivery. Mostly affected by breast abscess; women in childbearing age group who have recently given birth. Normally caused by retention of milk due to mental depression affecting vital energy of liver or due to overtaking of fatty food that brings about stagnation of heat in stomach meridian or due to obstruction of milk duct after invasion of exogenous toxic fire into breast through rupture of nipple.
Breast abscess main manifestations include hardness, redness, inflammation, swelling, heat, tenderness and pain in infected part. Also, possibility of lymph glands enlargement in armpit and sharp pain when infant sucks. If left abscess bruntreated, skin darkens, and abscess eventually bursts. The affected may be feverish, feels unwell, mostly occurring after delivery. At early stages when abscess has not yet been formed, there is a lump in breast accompanied by swelling, distention, pain, difficult lactation, chills, fever headache, nausea and dire thirst. Growing of lump with local bright redness and intermittent throbbing pain indicates suppuration. If infection is very severe, breast-feeding may have to be abandoned. Most abscesses form just under skin and are result of a bacterial infection that cause immune system to activate white blood cells and chemicals to fight bacteria.
The first stage in development of is inflammation, called mastitis with following symptoms: painful localized swelling of affected breast, localized redness, tenderness, and breast feels very hot. Another sign of infection is flu-like symptoms, including aches and pains, headache and raised temperature. The infection occurs in parenchymal (fatty) tissue of breast, causing swelling just outside milk ducts. These swelling presses on milk ducts, and result is pain and swelling of infected breast. One may notice additional symptoms: tender or enlarged lymph nodes in armpit on affected side, enlargement of affected breast, discharge from nipple, which may be green pus-like, breast lump, and itching. Try to continue breastfeeding if possible. Draining the infected milk can reduce chance of an abscess forming, and it will not harm baby. The germs in milk will be killed off once they reach baby’s stomach. If an abscess has already formed, it is advisable to stop breastfeeding.
The breast abscess because of bacterial infection; organisms enter through cracks in nipple, particularly at beginning of breast-feeding before skin has ‘toughened up’.
Preventative measures: try to avoid cracking of nipples include careful cleansing, use of some paste, and not allowing baby to suck for too long, or to ‘comfort suck’, especially during early days of breast-feeding.
    Analysis: when breastfeeding, skin of nipples can become grazed or cracked. This is usually a result of baby’s gums pinching the nipple. Sometimes it happens because nipple hasn’t been far enough into baby’s mouth and has rubbed against roof of baby’s mouth. The baby not being properly positioned or latched on causes many sore nipples. Breast infections are caused by a common bacterium found on normal skin called Staphylococcus aurous. Although mastitis is most commonly caused by breastfeeding, also linked to other factors; include diabetes, nipple piercings, lumpectomies or breast irradiation, and use of corticosteroids, having silicone breast implants, and being a heavy smoker. As body’s immune system tries to fight off breast infection, some of tissue in local area dies, called necrosis. A collection of pus forms, which is surrounded by hardened and inflamed tissue syndrome of breast abscess.
Since stagnated liver vital qi and obstructed lactation lead to production of heat. The confrontation between exogenous pathogenic factors and body resistance causes chills, fever and headache. Pathogenic heat in stomach disturbs descending of stomach vital energy, manifested by nausea and dire thirst. Unrelieved stagnation of milk may produce heat. Extreme heat causes putrid muscle, and pus follows. So, there is growing of lump in breast with bright redness, burning and intermittent throbbing pain. The reducing method is applied to regulate vital energy of Liver and Stomach meridians, remove stagnation and disperse heat.
    Prevention: if breastfeeding is too painful, better not to continue. To help milk flow better, try placing a warm, wet washcloth over affected breast for about 15 minutes before breastfeeding. Massaging affected breast in clockwise direction may also increase milk flow.
    TriOrigin a powerful medicine which aides in strengthening immune system and serves to prevent diseases, control pain and increases ability to function and quality of lives. It has been shown to promote health and improves body immune function. It has also helped many people who were not successfully treated through conventional western medicine. Several conditions can be dramatically improved or remedied in full including Breast abscess, and other gynecological, obstetric disorders, as well as during normal childbirth. TriOrigin therapy quickly arrests pain syndromes of various etiologies. Since it has fast effect, rate of pain killing reduced during treatment session. A fast and effective removal of pain syndrome makes the treatment period shorter and cure quicker. Beauty of TriOrigin is that each treatment caters to the needs of an individual patient through energy concept in miniature form of body on palm chosen for overall wellbeing with objective of increasing blood circulation along vital energy. ‘Dr Dinesh kapur’

WEIGHT gain is possible with modality acupuncture on two fingers!

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Acupuncture now become a more common form of healthcare services not only who are struggling to gain weight but also in any other modality. To gain weight could be a viable alternative and may be effective as a resolution. A person’s appetite can be balanced with use of Acupuncture. It focuses that a life force known as ‘Qi’ ‘Chi’ ‘Vital energy’ operates under principal channel meridians stomach and spleen to bring body into a natural state of balance and regain normal appetite. Correct spinal alignment too is essential; as misaligned can be a reason of other problems leading not to gain weight.weight+
Though, possibility may be of genetic, illness, metabolism or lack of food or could be associated with medical conditions including hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis or cancer. Some are affected due to gastrointestinal or liver problem as unable to absorb nutrients adequately or some time with over exercise or even certain eating disorders can also be reason. Individuals who could not gain weight may have poor physical stamina and weak immune system, leaving them to infection may further associate with terminal disease. Further, such person may more prone to osteoporosis. Or can be reason of liver problems as unable to absorb nutrients adequately. People with certain eating disorder due to lack of nutrients, over exercise may also be the reason.

  • Looking to gain weight, individuals advised to increase intake of calories, means to add more dried fruits, cheese, and nuts plus to increase the consumption of water.
  • Water is a major part of everybody cell, tissue and organ. It plays an important role in almost everybody functions, including: temperature regulation, transportation of oxygen and nutrients. It’s an essential nutrient and is solvent in which all chemical reactions of life take place. Aide eliminates waste through urine and feces, lubrication of joints. Acting a major part of body fluids such as mucus and tears. Giving cells their shape and stability. Hence in the original shape!
  • Exercise increases a person’s appetite. So, make it a practice to do some exercise. It can help stimulate a person’s appetite if they are not inclined to eat. Exercise for several short periods throughout the day when time is limited.
  • Get more spice! Adding spice is a smarter way to treat your taste buds with the intention to improve metabolism.

An acupuncturist will typically concentrate on stomach and spleen meridians to rebalance a person’s energy and help them regain a natural appetite. In case polarity to touch than better to tonify Homo power!
An important aspect of TriOrigin, a powerful tool to control weight either over or under.
Needless to say, if difficult to gain weight, consider coming to an acupuncturist and stay healthy. It’s possible to eat your way to better health! The beauty of concept is that each treatment caters to the need of an individual. ‘Dr. Dinesh kapur’

SYNCOPE in excess and micro acupuncture!

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Medical term for sudden fainting, pallor, cold limbs and is precisely defined as a transient loss of consciousness manifest syncope, characterized by rapid onset, short duration and spontaneous recovery due to global cerebral hypo-perfusion that most often results from hypotension and are often resulted from emotional excitement, fright or debilitating and overstriking.syncope+
Syncope of excess vital energy is mainly due to emotional disturbances, such as anger, fear and fright leading to deranged flow of energy, which rushes upwards to heart and chest, blocking windpipe and disturbing mind, or due to up surging of liver yang followed by pervasion of blood flow after a fit of anger, leading to disturbance of mind and resulting in loss of consciousness.
Main manifestations:
    coarse breathing, rigid limbs, clenched jaws, and deep and excess type pulse
    Resulting analysis could be; perversion of energy after a fit of anger makes qi activity impeded and blood rushing upward together with qi to disturb mind and hence sudden collapse, loss of consciousness, clenched jaws and rigid limbs.
    Obstruction of energy in lungs gives rise to coarse breathing.
    Deep and excess type pulse is a sign of excess syndrome.
    Vagus over activity may be triggered by the psyche in response to such things as alarming or emotionally disturbing sights, nasty smells, and overwhelming fear.
A simple faint is one that occurs in an otherwise healthy person. One cause is a sudden increase in activity of the agues-tenth cranial nerve, which runs from brain to heart and other organs and is one of the main controller of heart’s action. The vagus over activity causes heartbeat to slow down to about half its normal rate resulting in a sudden fall in blood pressure. The temporary drop in blood supply to brain causes dizziness and a need to lie down. The person rapidly becomes pale, sweaty and nauseated and may quickly lose consciousness. More serious causes of fainting include cardiac heart related conditions such as an abnormal heart rhythm wherein heart beats too slow or too rapid or irregular to pump enough blood to the brain that can be life threatening.
TriOrigin energy concept enables that vital energy is the main animating force behind life, the cosmic forces of Nature, and is the root of all things. It is said that if one stays in touch with vital energy, the life will be healthy in all its phases! The concept itself a powerful tool, which aids in strengthening the overall system of body. An important aspect of therapy is that it allows taking into account characteristics of the patient manifested in own energy constitution. This brings about an effective action on the very origin of disease with the goal of increasing in blood circulation and vital energy, as it may be required even after being in consciousness state so that there is no recurrence of the episodes.
ONE can follow as per sketch by putting color dots with permanent marker pen! Dr Dinesh kapur