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BREAST Cancer sprouting results with micro acupuncture!

every person has cancer cells in body. These cells do not show up in standard tests, embrace, consuming healthy food and low in sugared drinks. Exercise: make it practice regularly physical inactivity increases risk. Oncological patients too need correction of their emotional state, which permits to change their way of thinking

LIVER analogy with micro acupuncture!

Theory is that inserting needles stimulates these ‘energy points’ and unblocks natural flow of light energy (qi or chi) through meridians, six or eight ki. Blocked qi is thought to cause disease. Unblocking qi allows body to heal itself.

BREATHLESSNESS ‘sensation of shortness of breath’

Sometimes emotional distress or anxiety (nervousness) can cause you to breathe faster (hyperventilation) and make you feel short of breath, TriOrigin operates on a precise and well-organized hierarchical system~ the Tri spatial or time diagnosis. The exclusiveness of Tri Chronopuncture….