EMOTIONS ‘lifestyle’….


AIM to promote health and ease sufferings. Sensible solutions for life’s problems! People should be taught how to think, and not what to think. Your lifestyle matters a lot in your OWN health! Even if understood with OPEN mind, may upgrade to any level. Mind takes initiative in all activities and body follows that! Emotions itself are stronger than physical matter. Corrections of emotional misbalance lead to harmony on physical level. Smile is the strength that stays in very moment like the verses of imagination whenever who perceives in the interaction with other and the joy becomes an infinite spirit of living. In religion one remains as a Hindu, Mohammedan, and Christian and so on. As we are afraid because our religion is based on beliefs. So, everybody is trying to protect his flock by encountering others.  When anyone feels, there is religious fragrance but no religion as such; That is total freedom, liberation practically possible in ‘smile’ state beyond any belief! Overthinking is the biggest cause of unhappiness. Hearing honest feedback from others can be a great way to understand and change our emotional responses, provided one is enough OPEN in accepting matter is a way they are!

Dr Dinesh kapur

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