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Urticaria experiencing mild or severe, following precautions can help prevent or soothe recurring skin reaction;

  • Avoid irritating affected areas..
  • Avoid known triggers, such as certain foods or additives, alcohol, pain relievers, heat, cold, exertion, and stress.
  • Avoid scratching or using harsh soaps.
  • Avoid intake that has the ingredients of ‘heat’ properties be it in veg or non-veg.
  • Cool the affected area with a shower, fan, cool, wear light and loose cloths or apply soothing lotion.
  • Diet restrictions, such as eliminating yeast, food additives and other things that may cause the skin reaction (allergens)
  • Keep a diary of when and where hives occur, what you were doing, what you were eating, and so on. This may help you and your doctor identify triggers.
  • Plants such as poison ivy, avoid putting in home.
  • Pressure on skin, as from tight waistband, or clothing.
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