The most powerful instrument that humanity possesses is thought power. Thoughts that make our consciousness and at the same time gives shape our attitude. One needs to know how important thoughts are. Every human creation we see in this world is due to powerful thoughts in human minds. Thoughts shape our world which are fertilized by knowledge. A person with a certain kind of knowledge usually creates thoughts in harmony with that knowledge; it gives wisdom; a person without knowledge is a person whose thoughts will be formed in ignorance. Every action is preceded by thoughts. The quality of thoughts determines the quality of our karma. The karma in turn has good or bad effect on us. This again influences our thinking. So right thinking based on right knowledge is essential for leading a peaceful and contented life. Raja Yoga meditation helps us in doing the right thinking that leads to righteous actions. This also helps in remaining mentally strong amidst turbulent situations.
The people who encapsulate such quality will neither bear a grudge nor lose their temper. Instead, they will greet others and ask them if there were any difficulties to come. They will be thoughtful about others and help them to have a peace of mind. People of such quality have generosity, tolerance and adaptability.

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