stroke, loss of balance

Stroke, Loss of Balance

Knowing the symptoms which can easily be overlooked in routine but are absolutely crucial to avoid stroke! Remember the acronym BE FAST as a great way to remember. 

Balance. The first, if suddenly unable to hold your balance. 

Eyes/ Loss of Vision. The second letter stands for eyes. Have suddenly lost vision in one or both eyes, you should checked out yourself immediately. 

Face/ Drooping Face. The third letter stands for face. If face suddenly feels numb or starts to droop, that is a sign you could be having a stroke. Can a person smile!

Arm Weakness. Arms or legs suddenly too weak to lift, can the person raise their arms above head! If so, might be experiencing symptom of a stroke.

Speech. One of the more common signs having a stroke is slurred speech or speaks clearly! If experiencing this or any of the above symptoms, then;

‘T’. it’s time to call professional urgently!

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