PRAYER ‘nectar’ of words collected from scriptures, and pious spiritual leaders…….


M~Particles, universal energies I am touched by the ORIGIN! I AM BEING unlimited blissful, joy, grace, smile, space, peace and love ~ I do not know anything, nothing. I have no knowledge; and I am nothing, NO THING. I know nothing. I want to find the meaning of life, to comprehend this world and myself, to become enlightened. Please help me, guide-me, upgrade me NOW to strive for perfection and to bask in the bliss of love, smile~ who am I! What is the purpose of this life! Have I understood it properly! What is my source, root, origin; and what is the fragrance of ‘I’ (consciousness). You have illuminate me with your saalokiye, saameep­iye (nearness), saarupiye, saaujiye (oneness), and saarshtiye. Please embrace ~ smile in my heart! A moment feeling of separation ends and when we feel united with the Universe/Divine/HIM! To self, no mind, body, and self-life, if achieve, self-become perfect inner side, because HE is perfect; then looking towards OriginSmile. I am free of worry and concern.

I leave my human nature to unfold whatever its destiny is. I remain as I Am. Be thankful to the source to provide you an opportunity to serve for the betterment!

‘I Exist’!
Thank you, EXISTENCE, OriginSmile!

https://triorigin.me/ ‘Dr. Dinesh kapur’


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