One in five people who have a stroke die within a month according to medical research. Of those that survive, most experience some level of disability ~ ranging from difficulties with movement or speech, to memory and sensory problems. The best way to find whether someone is having a stroke is to remember 
Facial weakness – can the person smile? 
Arm weakness – can the person raise their arms above their head? 
Speech – can the person understand what you say or speak clearly? 
Time – call immediately professional if you see someone with these signs. 
Also certain factors can increase the risk of stroke. Some of these are beyond your control – such as age, gender and family history – but adopting the following lifestyle measures will cut your risk: Not smoking. Limit the alcohol consumption. Water an essence of life; don’t forget to make it a part of yours. Stress to avoid. ‘Dr.Dinesh kapur’

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  1. Dr. Kapoor .
    sorry I could not make it to your hospital during my last trip . Is it possible to give advice on skype after seeing my wife who had pralysis. I shall transfer your profession fee right now in your account. Regaards, seshagopalan
    Advocate, Mumbai


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