The body consists of elementary particles, biological points or cells, each of them having a similar point-like system represented by organelles and they in their turn consist of biochemical molecules. Cells unite into tissues, tissues into organs, and organs into system.
Unstable particles, as existences, tend to unite themselves for sake of their stable existence and in this process some particles change into Hetero ‘electron’ -particles and others into Homo ‘proton’ – particles and finally, incarnated Neutro ‘neutron’ – particles are created too to form model order of Triorigin.
Elementary particles of materials are composed of atoms, atom is gathering of subatomic particles. Wondrous looking this physical world, actually is a particle world, this is also a surprising wonder. Light is movement of photon particles; gravity is the movement of graviton particles, without shape without mass, yet they are particles and moves.
All particles have properties of waves, including frequency (rate of vibration) and wavelength (distance bet successive wave crests). 
An electron is an extremely light particle. Its mass is 0.0000000000000000000000000009 gram.  That numeral is a decimal point followed by 27 zeros and a 9 > Smile has wisdom, intelligence to lead all the existence, self-confidence to carry out any task in this world!


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