Seeking to improve or change your life, then to achieve it using technique you will have to integrate the principle into life ‘Don’t Panic’! It is not something that anyone can do all at once. But by slowly finding ways to adopt these principles into your life, you will grow spiritually and as a person; from this inner strength and love~ all change is possible. ‘Dr.Dinesh kapur’

2 Replies to “panic”

  1. I want to know more about the triorigin. Let me know the details please. John Stanislaus. Tamil Nadu. India.


    1. Triorigin is an integral, indivisible existence. An atom as a primary integrated structure is produced by a proton (Homo), electron (Hetero), neutron (Neutro), atom (Neuto). Neuto; the basis of Being has zero nature and dwells on border between the zero and real worlds.
      Triorigin laws ~ the fundamental governing law, lying at the origin of the universe, defines the principles of formation of unified energy system of man, on that basis one can even understand the Origin in a broader way!


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