It may improve one’s life!
If you have found just one person in your life that you can trust your life, you are very fortunate. Most people don’t even find that one person.
People want only good things to be spoken of them. Nobody wants others to talk ill of them. It is thus clear that we are all seeking goodness. Being a good person requires facing problems. In fact being a bad person also involves facing problems. Problems are part of the life; hence train your mind to enjoy problems. Just as you go to a gym and enjoy the workout in spite of sweating, train your mind to enjoy problems. Problems often make you a powerful person.
^LIFE has no purpose; life is a purpose unto itself. If you do not stand as one big barrier in the way, life will naturally find its last nature.
^Only when there is absolute stability in you and no fear of suffering, you are willing to totally involve yourself with life around you.
^Life has emerged from the integration of mind, body, soul and this last, having the nature of unchangeable eternity, is able to work in all other consciousness territories and is directly in touch with the Absolute Consciousness of the Existence Spirit, human consciousness can upgrade its awareness by means of understanding the Triorigin consciousness system. So, to human consciousness is given the possibility to assent gradually till Absolute Consciousness and reach Absolute Perfection.
Grace is not that it has to descend from somewhere, grace is; but if your doors are closed it is of no use.

en-JOY! ‘Dr.Dinesh kapur’

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