EVERYTHING remains same before and after realisation except change of STATE! Phenomena even apply in matter too, suppose MOBILE instrument, switched off state (zero world, invisible, which means direct participation is negligible but being fundamental immense importance) called INFINITE state as per science, then appears ringing or dialing (called ELECTRON, Hetero state, as there is a movements), finishing the talk means PROTON, Homo state), instrument switch off or on state called ATOM, Neuto) and the main compete process itself is NEUTRON, Neutro state. Indirectly it indicates in life too every process is according to fundamentals required! Enjoy your understanding. Be OPEN and Believe! Once you understand how universal energies moves in body, or environment and interlinked with each other, then appearance of SMILE is obvious that too without any efforts means natural neutral way! ‘Dr Dinesh kapur’

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