Diabetes risk factor ~

  • Advise to check feet regularly for blisters, sores, redness, swelling or cuts, an indication to diabetes risk
  • Blood pressure over 140/90 millimetres of mercury (mm Hg) is linked to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Blurred vision means something is amiss associated with diabetes
  • Cholesterol abnormal increases diabetes risk
  • Clean the wound properly, use antibiotic cream and sterile bandage.
  • Inactive person more prone to diabetes risk. Physical activity assist to control weight uses up glucose as energy and makes cells more sensitive to insulin.
  • Increases risk of infection with slow healing, so it is better to take care quickly even when simple cuts and scrapes appears
  • Skin moisture to prevent cracks for further complications
  • Tissues fatty, more resistant your cells become to insulin; so weight to maintain is good option.
  • Skin dryness or itchy, frequent infections or cuts and bruises that takes long to heal are signs to diabetes
  • Triglyceride elevated levels increases risk of diabetes
  • Women having polycystic ovary syndrome increases risk of diabetes.

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Dr Dinesh kapur

Dr Dinesh Kapur lives in the highest integrity and contributes to the wellbeing of others by being an example of benevolence. Besides being a practicing healer, consultant, blogger and author in natural concepts at the age of thirty, on different specialized concepts of crystals, shiatsu, chiropractic, colors and more specific different modalities such as micro acupuncture, color acupuncture, emotional energy flow, seeds, colors, spiral, mudra, chakra and the SMILE invisible M-Particles fundamental concept.

Concept ~

Theory of TriOrigin differs radically from existing curative systems both by its principles and practical approaches. So the emergence of concept was a breakthrough in the history of medicine and was bound to attract attention of medical profession!

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Dr Dinesh kapur
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