BREAST Cancer sprouting results with micro acupuncture!

every person has cancer cells in body. These cells do not show up in standard tests, embrace, consuming healthy food and low in sugared drinks. Exercise: make it practice regularly physical inactivity increases risk. Oncological patients too need correction of their emotional state, which permits to change their way of thinking

WEIGHT gain is possible with modality acupuncture on two fingers!

It focuses that a life force known as ‘Qi’ ‘Chi’ ‘Vital energy’ operates under principal channel meridians stomach-spleen to bring body into a natural state of balance and regain normal appetite. In case polarity to touch then better to tonify Homo power!

HORMONAL imbalance may be key to regulation in micro acupuncture

“Often symptoms of Hormonal imbalance changes in menstruation; Common condition that can lead to female infertility are linked to hormonal imbalance, TriOrigin energy concept is only on hands, fingers in miniature form of body”

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