SICKLE Cell disease, low hemoglobin, or blood oxygen with micro acupuncture, no direct application on organs…

Respiratory diseases are common among children, and insufficient effectiveness of traditional treatment make it actual to study effectiveness of non-traditional therapeutic methods. Normally, sickly children who falls ill frequently with Broncho pulmonary diseases also known as... A non-conventional effective method!

HEMOGLOBIN elevate with micro acupuncture!

Sickle cells are destroyed rapidly in body of people with the disease causing anemia, jaundice and formation of gallstones. It also block the flow of blood through vessels resulting in lung tissue damage

Micro Acupuncture to manage with SICKLE CELL disease, no direct application on organs; only on hands….

It is quite possible to increase the Immunity, Hemoglobin level, and Blood Cells count that helps to carry oxygen from the air into lungs to all parts of body and normal red blood cells contain hemoglobin A non-conventional effective method!

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