Pancreas quantify with micro-acupuncture TriOrigin

pain with progressive symptoms of inadequate absorption of nutrients and development of diabetes mellitus because the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin.

PAIN outcome with TriOrigin;

PAIN - one shouldn’t ignore; no one wants it, there's more to depression than deterioration of quality of life.

Chikungunya post – epidemic syndromes of stiffness, joints pain and easy quick way out!

Symptoms may seem similar to dengue fever, with an acute febrile illness that may last for few days, but followed by prolonged arthralgia, Following the fever, strong joint pain or stiffness occurs; and with TriOrigin recovery is quick...

SYMPTOMS that may signal trouble in heart and outcome in micro acupuncture!

Women more so than men can also experience a burning sensation in their chest, rather than a pressure or pain; Men having a heart attack often feel pain in the left arm. In women, the pain is more likely to be felt in both arms