Micro Acupuncture to manage with SICKLE CELL disease, no direct application on organs; only on hands….

It is quite possible to increase the Immunity, Hemoglobin level, and Blood Cells count that helps to carry oxygen from the air into lungs to all parts of body and normal red blood cells contain hemoglobin A non-conventional effective method!
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ANEMIA and color acupuncture!

Anemia can result from insufficient or abnormal hemoglobin in the red cell or those cells don’t have enough hemoglobin, it’s dangerous as body is not getting enough oxygen and if left untreated, this can damage heart and other organs. The effectiveness depends on precise diagnosis! Read More

RESPIRATION and oxygen

Respiratory system helps Breathing in and Breathing out… More air moving into and out of the lungs carries away more carbon dioxide, and the balance of blood gases goes back towards normal. A good health condition is possible only when a proper amount of balanced energy passes via the energy channels. Read More