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BREATHLESSNESS ‘sensation of shortness of breath’

Sometimes emotional distress or anxiety (nervousness) can cause you to breathe faster (hyperventilation) and make you feel short of breath, TriOrigin operates on a precise and well-organized hierarchical system~ the Tri spatial or time diagnosis. The exclusiveness of Tri Chronopuncture….

ASPHYXIA and micro acupuncture

deficient supply of oxygen to body that arises from abnormal breathing process, which affects primarily to cells, tissues and organs; it may seem difficult to exercise when having trouble breathing but regular exercise can improve overall….

RESPIRATION and oxygen

Respiratory system helps Breathing in and Breathing out… More air moving into and out of the lungs carries away more carbon dioxide, and the balance of blood gases goes back towards normal. A good health condition is possible only when a proper amount of balanced energy passes via the energy channels.