Chikungunya post – epidemic syndromes of stiffness, joints pain and easy quick way out!

Symptoms may seem similar to dengue fever, with an acute febrile illness that may last for few days, but followed by prolonged arthralgia, Following the fever, strong joint pain or stiffness occurs; and with TriOrigin recovery is quick...

PAIN and outcome on two fingers

with critical states – shocks, preinfarctions, preinsults. Under such extreme conditions, needling not always used. It’s enough to massage correspondence points for a victim to become conscious or to remove intolerable pain

ANKYLOSING spondylitis (AS) and micro acupuncture

AS a long-term (chronic) condition in which spine and other areas of body become inflamed. It can also cause vertebrae and lumbosacral joint to ossify, resulting fusion of spine.

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