CORONAVIRUS and sprouting results from micro-acupuncture!

A body in good health is ONE that has high active oxygen content! TriOrigin a powerful tool is enough capable to boost, strengthen the immunity….! In any case if IMMUNITY is week, there are more chances to attack the virus.


disorder occur when there is imbalance within body. It can come from an excess or deficiency of yin and yang according to polarities or TriOrigin Neuto power, towards darkness condition that disrupts bio-energy,

HYPOGLYCEMIA and easy way out through energy pathways on hands only!

Glucose is as essential to life as water and oxygen; medical practices witness the development of a unique trend and treatment of diseases that show serious and even phenomenal results from the beginning through the concept TriOrigin acupuncture. The human body has to ingest carbohydrates, break them down to simple sugars like glucose….