Chikungunya post – epidemic syndromes of stiffness, joints pain and easy quick way out!

Symptoms may seem similar to dengue fever, with an acute febrile illness that may last for few days, but followed by prolonged arthralgia, Following the fever, strong joint pain or stiffness occurs; and with TriOrigin recovery is quick...

SPINE two-way conducting system and micro acupuncture on finger

TriOrigin improves in spinal condition, further repairs it, and strengthen the vertebrates. The Nature of problem may be related to any~ Give a Try! As the process is only on two-fingers, no direct application….

PAIN; get better per spiral energy acupuncture

perception of pain varies, both between people and in same person at the different times, and referred pain is observed in areas other than the damaged part of body; Moreover, there has been gathered a much bulk of observations that TriOrigin method quickly copes even with critical states

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