SYNCOPE in deficiency state and micro acupuncture!

feeble breathing is all with sudden perversion of its flow of energy, sinking of energy in spleen and stomach and failure of the clear yang in ascending; but syncope of excess vital energy is mainly due to emotional disturbances

INFANTILE CONVULSION and easy outcome through color acupuncture

TriOrigin COLOR acupuncture; sometimes fear of acupuncture causes contractions of energy, causing more convulsions to the kids and weak patients; penetrating deep in to pericardium, brain, or body fluids are consumed by heat and turned into phlegm which blocks the mind, resulting in loss of consciousness and convulsion.

simple acupuncture COLORS point to overcome ‘FEAR’

in extreme cases a freeze or paralysis response is possible, Fear is a disorganized, disconnected, and a dividing emotion.