DIALYSIS ‘micro acupuncture alleviates syndrome too’

A dialysis diet is meant specifically for reducing the build-up of wastes by monitoring what you eat and drink. Food that consume is digested, blood picks up nutrients and carries them to cells and cells further absorbs nutrient and deposit the wastes back into bloodstream. Changing diet can help protect the damaged kidneys.

ANURIA with micro color acupuncture…

TriOrigin energy concept, anuria means excess Yang Coldness condition but gradually approaching towards the Darkness condition, as non-production of urine! It is often associated with other symptoms of kidney failure such as lack of appetite, weakness nausea and vomiting.

DIALYSIS ‘micro acupuncture alleviates syndromes’!

Changing diet can help protect the damaged kidneys. Kidney’s energy OPENS into the ears (Each organ system opens into an orifice that connects to outside world, thus ears for Kidney system for better results! In lifestyle, Guava only green not yellow one, if available without seed that is more beneficial, it protects phosphorous indirectly BONES...

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