SYNCOPE in deficiency state and micro acupuncture!

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Medical term for sudden fainting, pallor, cold limbs and is precisely defined as a transient loss of consciousness manifest syncope, characterized by rapid onset, short duration and spontaneous recovery due to global cerebral hypo-perfusion that most often results from hypotension and are often resulted from emotional excitement, fright or debilitating and overstraining.
Syncope of deficiency vital energy is often caused by general deficiency of the primary energy and failure to ascending due to over strain or grief and fright, exhaustion of energy after profuse bleeding.
Main manifestations:
≥ feeble breathing with or without mouth agape, spontaneous sweating, pallor, cold limbs, deep and thready pulse
≥ Resulting, analysis could be; dizziness, vertigo, loss of consciousness, is with sudden perversion of its flow of energy, sinking of energy in the spleen and stomach and failure of the clear yang in ascending.
≥ Cold limbs are caused by failure of yang energy to reach there. Weakness of primary energy and disabilities of vital energy in controlling the pores are shown in spontaneous sweating and mouth agape.
≥ deep thready pulse also suggests deficiency of energy.
A simple faint is one that occurs in an otherwise healthy person. One cause is a sudden increase in activity of the agues-tenth cranial nerve, which runs from the brain to the heart and other organs; one of the main controllers of the heart’s action. The vagus over activity causes the heartbeat to slow down to about half its normal rate resulting in a sudden fall in blood pressure. The temporary drop in blood supply to brain causes dizziness and a need to lie down. The person rapidly becomes pale, sweaty and nauseated and may quickly lose consciousness. More serious causes of fainting include cardiac heart related conditions such as an abnormal heart rhythm wherein heart beats too slow or too rapid or irregular to pump enough blood to the brain that can be life threatening.
If there is deficiency syndrome, one has to promote tonifying direction so that it may regulate the flow of energy.
As Brain cells begin to die if they are deprived of oxygen for three to five minutes. The brain requires about 20 percent of the body’s oxygen supply though it makes up only about 2 percent of a person’s total body weight.syncope
TriOrigin energy concept enables that vital energy is the main animating force behind life, the cosmic forces of Nature, and is the root of all things. It is said that if one stays in touch with vital energy, the life will be healthy in all its phases! The concept itself a powerful tool, which aids in strengthening the overall system of body. An important aspect of therapy is that it allows taking into account characteristics of the patient manifested in own energy constitution. This brings about an effective action on the very origin of disease with the goal of increasing in blood circulation and vital energy, as it may be required even after being in consciousness state so that there is no recurrence of the episodes.
ONE can follow as per sketch by putting color dots with permanent marker pen! ‘Dr. Dinesh kapur’

ASTHMA When Excess Type!

ASTHMA When Excess Type!
Complexities at A Glance: Unusual symptoms of asthma includes:
breathe shortness, difficult breathing, restlessness
concentration in difficult
cough persistent with cold especially either at night or early in the morning
lips blue
phlegmatic noises
sleep in difficult
throat itchiness
tightness, pain or pressure felt in the chest
An audible ‘wheezing’ sound is characteristic of asthma, especially when exhaling. These symptoms can mimic other illnesses, such as heart failure, emphysema, asthmabronchiectasis, bronchial obstruction, vocal-cord dysfunction, and hypersensitivity reactions. Exercise is a common trigger for asthma and may cause symptoms in 80%-90% of asthmatics. Exercise-induced asthma is managed by choosing an appropriate sport, controlling the asthma prior to events, warming up, avoiding cold, stopping exercise during an asthma attack, cooling down after exercise, and preventing episodes with the use of inhalers and bronchodilators.
Some conditions can cause asthma to worsen, including GERD, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, food allergies, and air pollution.
Excess type: Wind and Cold
It denotes due to invasion of wind cold, which impairs the smooth flow of the lung vital, that injures the skin and hair, and makes pores closed. Lungs vital fails to disperse and descend, leading to cough.
Main manifestations:
Cough with thin sputum, rapid breathing, accompanied by chills, fever, headache and absence of thirst, white tongue coating. Lungs main function is of respiration and is further associated with the skin and hair, which are first attacked by wind cold in invasive procedure.

TriOrigin ‘colors’ acupuncture a traditionally accomplished through the insertion of very fine micro needles at the certain energy gates on joints in miniature form of hands. The concept itself does not directly touch body organs and one may easily see the difference in initial few sessions. The aim is to promote health and ease sufferings. Give a Try! No doubt it works effectively.

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LUNGS normal working!


Lung is the organ for gas exchange where oxygen diffuses into blood and is exchanged for carbon dioxide in hemoglobin of erythrocytes; that means transfer oxygen from air into blood and carbon dioxide (a waste product of body) from blood into air. To accomplish gas exchange it has two components: airways and alveoli. The airways are branching, tubular passages like branches of a tree that allow air to move in and out of lungs. The wider segments of airways are trachea and two bronchi (going to either right or left lung). The smaller segments are called bronchioles. At the end of bronchioles are the alveoli, thin-walled sacs. (The airways and alveoli can be conceptualized as bunches of grapes with airways analogous to stems and alveoli analogous to grapes.) Small blood vessels (capillaries) run in walls of the alveoli, and it is across thin walls of the alveoli where gas exchange between air and blood takes place.
Breathing involves inspiration followed by exhalation. During inspiration, muscles of diaphragm and rib cage contract and expand size of chest (as well as airways and alveoli) causing negative pressure within airways and alveoli. As a result, air is sucked through the airways and into the alveoli and chest wall is enlarged. During exhalation, same muscles relax and chest wall springs back to its resting positions, shrinking the chest and creating positive pressure within the airways and alveoli. As a result, air is expelled from the lungs.
The walls of bronchioles are weak and have a tendency to collapse, especially while exhaling. Normally, bronchioles are kept open by elasticity of lung. Elasticity of lung is supplied by elastic fibers, which surround airways and line the walls of alveoli. When lung tissue is destroyed, as it is in patients with COPD who have emphysema, there is loss of elasticity and the bronchioles can collapse and obstruct flow of air. Normal lung tissues look a lot like a normal sponge. Emphysema often looks like an old sponge with large irregular holes and loss of spring and elasticity.

In addition to function in respiration, lungs also have non-respiratory function:

  • Alter the pH of blood by facilitating alterations in partial pressure of carbon dioxide.
  • Filter out small blood clots formed in veins.
  • Filter out gas micro-bubbles occurring in venous blood stream such as those created during decompression after underwater diving.
  • Influence concentration of some biologic substances and drugs used in medicine in blood
  • May serve as a layer of soft, shock-absorbent protection for heart, which the lungs flank and nearly enclose.
  • Immunoglobulin- A is secreted in bronchial secretion and protects against respiratory infections.
  • Helps in maintaining sterility by producing mucus containing antimicrobial compounds.
  • An important defense system against air-borne infection; dust particles and bacteria in inhaled air are caught in mucous layer present at mucosal surface of respiratory passages and are moved up towards pharynx by rhythmic upwards beating action of cilia.
  • Helps providing airflow for creation of vocal sounds.
  • Loss of blood from systemic circulation by hemorrhage can be partially compensated for by shunting blood from lungs into the systemic vessels.

TriOrigin a powerful tool to strengthen the functioning of lungs in a simple way by putting 1 mm very fine micro needles on energy pathways is to prick that too only on the hands! Often once needles are in place, most people relax and even fall asleep for duration of treatment that has a positive and holistic effect. In the meantime, one may start putting color dot with permanent marker pen on middle finger and palm as prescribed. The aim is to promote health and alleviate sufferings. Try, when in need for positive results! ‘Dr.Dinesh kapur’