in micro acupuncture Breast Cancer outcome visualization!

Breast cancer, like all other cancers forms when process of cell division goes awry. One must change life style or ease in daily life, in broader way per own analysis as other factors too count. A proactive and positive spirit will help the cancer warrior be a survivor. M-particles emotional aspect in cancer.... TriOrigin, a powerful tool to boost, strengthens the immunity!

BREAST abscess in micro acupuncture

A collection of pus forms, which is surrounded by hardened and inflamed tissue syndrome in breast abscess. The germs in milk will be killed off once they reach baby’s stomach. If an abscess has already formed, it is advisable to stop breastfeeding.

MAMMARY gland disease, abnormalities and easy way out on palm…

in structure of stomach meridian after preliminary correction of emotional sphere, in combination with biorhythmic TriOrigin. The beauty is that each treatment is caters to need of an individual patient that too only on palm!

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