Skin five elements effects on different organs!

some areas of skin remain light and others to darken, these darken skin sometimes called age spots or liver spots [in some cases Lungs are also responsible; whole body affected Homo polarity but localized area affected means Hetero

SPLEEN and IMMUNE defense…

spleen decontaminates blood by filtering it. Viruses are considered non-living parasites, Bacteria on other hand are a living parasite. A bacterial infection is easier to treat because the bacteria can be killed.

SKIN color effects on organs ~

Glands in skin release sweat when a person becomes overheated, evaporates heat and so cools the body. Liver, according to energy concepts of TriOrigin, controls color of the skin. A pactioner who understand the energy concepts, skin problem can be controlled, cure, overcome, and even rejuvenate

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