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Prof Park, Jae Woo, a Korean scientist is the originator of ’TriOrigin‘ SuJok and Onnuri Medicine, an exceptional discovery, who after many years of careful observation and clinical experiences developed a new system of therapy using only the hands and feet to effect the same results as body acupuncture. He found a complete correspondence system representing the body, on the hands and the feet. In Korean, Su means “Hand,” and Jok means “Feet.”
The advantage of this system is its simplicity, safety and efficiency. It is easy to learn, and the speed of response is often dramatic. It employs no forbidden or dangerous points, and so suitable for use by paramedics and laypersons for self-treatment.
In addition to serving their normal function as appendages of the four limbs, the hands and feet themselves represent a small mirror image of the human.

Onnuri means the world and all encouraging Onnuri medicine encompasses, SuJok Acupuncture, Onnuri Auricular therapy (done in External Ear), Scalp therapy links (both upper & lower limbs). Apart from the original oriental principles newer principles like Six ki theory, Eight origin principles, Spiral energy, Chakra therapy and Diamond Structure principle, Triorigin M particle theory principle and triorigin Sequence theory etc.

Treatment through ACUPUNCTURE includes ; Triorigin, Twist therapy, Meditation-Smile, Energy, Onnuri Medicine, is one such treatment, which is effective at all levels – •BODY •PSYCHOLOGY •NEURO •EMOTIONS 
with No medicine or Drugs.
High effect ; when applied properly, a clear effect is often felt within a few minutes some time even seconds. 
High effect – on pricking 1mm small micro tiny needles on hand to adjust the energy system of body or with small magnets similar to pulse size to put on fingers only.

Totally safe uses ; this system of cure is not artificial. Man has discovered it but its origins are in nature. That is why the system is powerful and safe. Stimulation of correspondence point brings about a cure. It never harms, just produces no effects if applied improperly.

A universal method ; it can be use to treat at any part of once body, any organs and any joints.
EFFECTIVE ; not only by the treatment of the common illnesses, which  ‘chase’  us in our daily life but also with cases difficult to cure even by the modern medicine – including some cancer diseases. Often the curing effect is immediate and proves itself by the very first procedure in most of the cases.

Wide Spectrum ; therapy can cure almost every disease. With the help of this therapy every organ, every single part of the body can be cured.

CURE effects:
Nervous system disorders ~ Amnesia, Bells palsy, Bulbar palsy, Encephalitis, Epilepsy, Headaches,  Insomnia, Logo neurosis, Migraine, Neurotic Depressive disorder, Parkinson’s, Spastic paralysis, Stammering,
Trigeminal neuralgia, Vertigo, Hydrocephalus, Neuropraxia, Sclerosis, and Disorders of the autonomic nervous system ~ such as Heart beat, Blood pressure, Digestive activity.
Diseases of Soft tissues, Muscles, Bones and Joints ~ Arthritis, Spinal – low back ache, prolapsed disc, with or without sciatica, Cervical, Spondylosis, Frozen shoulder, Osteoarthritis of knee, hip joints, Cramps in calf muscles, Deformation, Degeneration.
Respiratory disorders ~ Asthma, Bronchitis, Common cold, Cough, Laryngitis, Pertussis, Pharyngitis, Rhinitis allergic – blocked nose, epistaxis  Sinusitis.
Cardiovascular disorders ~ Pain, Shock and collapse, Palpitation, Nausea,vomiting,hiccough,abdominal distension, Restlessness, Dyspnea, Hypo-Hyper tension, Angina pectorals.
◇Gastrointestinal disorders ~ Stomatitis, Toothache, Dysphagia, Hernia, Hiccup, Gastritis, Nausea, Vomiting, Dyspepsia, Flatulence, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Intestinal colic, Constipation, Hemorrhoids.
Hepatic, Pancreatic disorders ~ Hepatitis, Fibrosis of Liver, Pancreatitis, Splenomegaly.

◇Digestive – Acidity, Loss of Appetite, Jaundice, Liver Enlargement
Genitourinary disorders ~ Pyelitis, Nephritis, Hematuria, Renal colic, Cystitis, Retention of urine, Enuresis, Nocturnal enuresis.
Gynecological disorders ~ Amenorrhea, Irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, Uterine bleeding, Fibroid,  Leucorrhoea, Pelvic inflammations, Uterus prolapse, Hyperemesis, Lactation deficiency, Mastitis, Cyst, Sterility.
Reproductive male organs – Enlarge Prostrate, Testis, Ejaculation.
Nervous system ~ Epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Spastic paralysis, Headaches, Insomnia, Vertigo, Encephalitis, Bells palsy.
Skin disorders ~ Non-healing wounds, Ulcers of the skin, Furunculosis, Acne, Urticaria, Lymphangitis, Erysipelas, Herpes zoster, Dermatitis, Vitiligo, Psoriasis.

◇Ear disorders ~ Deafness, Tinnitus, Ear ache, Meniere’s disease, Vertigo, Travel sickness.
Eye disorders ~ Conjunctivitis, Thermal burns of the eye, Stye, Myopia, Hypermetropia, Lacrimation, Itchy & Aching, Sclera, Optic nerve atrophy, Ophthalmoplegia.

◇Endocrine disorders ~ Sub-fertility, Masculinization symptoms in women, Goitre, Hormonal imbalance.

◇Diabetes mellitus. 

Thyroid – Hyper or Hypo. PTH.
Psychiatric disorders ~ Hysteria. Schizophrenia, Mental depression, Addictions – food,drugs,alcohol,smoking.
• Disorders of children ~ Infantile convulsions, febrile fits, Epilepsy, Behaviour disorders, Nocturnal enuresis.
HEAT stroke. WIND stroke. HEADACHES – frontal, temporal, parietal, vertical, occipital. SYNCOPE.

◇Chronic KIDNEY disease
◇or problems related to Oncological, Ulcers.

Even sure Weight Loss or Height Gain.
◇or Rejuvenate the cells
◇or even Bacterial, Transmitted or febrile diseases.
In TriOrigin therapy based on fundamental laws systemic knowledge is used that was accumulated by Chinese, Indian and Western medicine. Su Jok therapeutic methods include treatment through correspondence systems, byol-meridians, Six energies treatment at the level of meridians and chakras, biorhythmic acupuncture, correction of emotional and mental states. This allows to effectively cope with severe diseases in a short time, including the chronic invalidating forms. The purpose of this work was to decide the effectiveness of  different approaches offered by Onnuri for treating acute/chronic forms of problems.
TriOrigin methods are natural way of treatment, and the process of normalisation of the patient’s state, beginning during treatment, goes on after the active intervention stopped.
The most effective and fast-acting in treatment of any ailment is SuJok’s Energies therapy, including Triorigin
 & amp; Spiral energy in the structure of meridians,after preliminary correction of the emotional sphere, in combination
with biorhythmic SuJok acupuncture and basic treatments.
Not only is acupuncture effective as a primary modality, it also play a vital role as an adjunctive therapy due
to how effective the meridian system is to proper diagnosis. Because the meridians influence
every cell in the body and pass through every organ and the organ system, acupuncture provides health
practitioners with an exact and noninvasive means of determining health deficiencies, as well as a method
of reestablishing balance.
As ENERGY  may go up-to any extent, and at any level, because of this it is possible to give CURE effect irrespective of  level of disease.

Lifestyle matters a lot in our own health!


Awards :

• Patriotic Citizen Award by Shiv Sushil Bindal Charitable Trust, Delhi on March 6’ 2005.

• Patriotic Citizen Award by Shiv Sushil Bindal Charitable Trust, Delhi on Sept 19’ 2004.

• International Gold Medal Award presented by Royal Society of Medicos at WORLD AIDS DAY on Dec 1’2002
• Certificate of Appreciation during 28th All India Nature Cure & Yog Conference(6th – 8th Nov’01), New Delhi by Nature Cure Society,      Delhi on November 8’ 2001.

• Certificate of Participation from Mahavir International on dates June 24 to July 01’ 2001.
• Participation certificate Acupressure> by Indian Academy of Acupressure Science on May 15’ 2000.

Faculty Member :
• International SuJok Acupuncture Association, Korea
• IAAS affiliated to The Open International University, Sri Lanka

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  1. Ref : Suresh Kapoor from Times Of India. My mother is 67 years old and is based in kolkatta has a history of epilepsy and Parkinson. Around 30 days back her sodium & potassium dropped because of she lost control of her muscles she was admitted currently she is not able to move any part of her body or even recognize anyone. We are praying her for recovery and request you to help us.
    Regards Rakesh Pathak

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  2. “Dr. Dinesh – Hope gives a reason to SMILE. Coming to you for healing has raised my hope and given a reason to SMILE.

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  3. Smile wishes Dr. Dinesh, I always follow your blog, and your onnuri website , your explanation about each problem is very comprehensive, and interesting sir. May the almighty God help you to reach out to many. God bless!

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  4. In allopathy and western medicines, some of the causes of illness include bacteria, viruses, parasites, stress, trauma, biochemical imbalance in the brain, environmental and genetical factors. But according to traditional Chinese medicine, illnesses are caused by an imbalance of energy (yin and yang) or of the Five Elements (wood, fire, earth,metal and water). The systems of the body, organs and tissues can be categorised by these elements which are inter-related.If they are balanced one is healthy and when the balance is lost, one is sick….. This very simple characterisation of the cause of illness is a key reason why Acupuncture can offer a practical tool for healing any condition of energy blockage/imbalance, that can cure any illness…….Nair


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