LOGONEUROSIS with colors, seeds and energy acupuncture!

    Neurology gives the definition of stammering: “Stammering or stuttering is a neurosis, in which there are disturbances of smoothness, coherency of speech or an interruption to the normal flow of speech because of hesitation in beginning an utterance and/ or prolongation or repetition of word elements or resulting from spasmodic movements that arise in the muscles responsible for the act of speech, clear cut dependence of a logoneurosis from-emotions, fright, psychic trauma, stress. Provocative factors be minimized, excluded (family conflicts, mockery of others, pedagogic mistakes of teachers), stressful events bring pathogenic energy of Coldness, fear.  Non-related to speech movements of these muscles in a stammering individual have a normal performance. Most often, this pathology appears at the age of four to eight.

    All clinical cases of logoneurosis shows dependence of a negative emotions. First of all, these are fright, psychic trauma, stress. All factors that had taken place at different time, sometimes rather remotely from the onset of disease. Systemic pedagogic mistakes of parents, relatives and friends of the family, of neighbors and school teachers would also lead to development of this problem. Evaluating the energy state of patients, we have come to conclusion that one of the basic causal energy in all the sufferers was coldness (fear at emotional level) and at meridian levels kidney and urinary bladder.

    Often, collecting a medical history, one learned that some of the child’s close relative had a similar speech defect. Possibly, this emotional problem is inherited by a child at energy level. Modern science has failed to reveal any genetic inheritance of stammering. It is necessary that during treatment disease-provocative factors should be minimized or excluded (family conflicts, mockery of other children, pedagogic mistakes of teachers). As pointed above, stressful events bring pathogenic energy of coldness (fear) to child, which is destructive for his spiritual and emotional sphere and might lead to other coldness-related diseases. The second place after fear energy in constitution of treated children was taken by energy of Sadness. It was manifested in children’s appearance either explicitly (AH-Sadness), or implicitly (UM-Sadness). Almost all children that were coming for therapy had a characteristically sad and dreary look. Interviews with parents revealed that children often cry, can be withdrawn, reluctant to mix with other children. Not infrequently, these emotions had been provoked by child’s near ones (excessive parental austerity, harsh shouts, threats, kicks, humiliation, etc.)

    Children suffering from a logoneurosis, demonstrated that most often there is lack of kindness, love and heart warmth. Some parents who “care” to improve their children, would not tire of snubbing them, make reproofs (often sharp ones) relative to their speech defects in presence of other people, not being aware that their child is trying to speak rightly and beautifully more than anyone else. Not incidentally, tearfulness, acute psychic reactions are the concomitants of stammering.

    If parental mistakes are aggravated by mockery in community and at school, attempts of other children to mimic the speech defect, then logoneurosis acquires a severe progressing form. Its treatment becomes much more complicated.  In a stammering child there are deficient emotional energies of Joy and Satisfaction. As is known, at level of vital energies Joy corresponds to Heat responsible for speech. So, effect of treatment increased considerably, if tonification of Joy and Satisfaction at level of basic emotions was supplemented by sedation of branch Fear and tonification of branch Joy and Satisfaction within the basic Heat energy. Special attention should be paid to the fact that in overwhelming majority of cases effect of logoneurosis was not only fast and pronounced but also stable enough, as result of recurred stressful situations.

    Analyzing of working with logoneurosis, we came to the following generalizations:

    •In acquired forms of stammering that have developed on the background of grave stressful events, treatment using time-wave energies is indicated.

    •In treatment, action on spiritual sphere is significant, which can be affected through Brightness chakra.

    •Sedation of Fear intensifying emotions of Anger and Sadness usually speeds up the curative process.

    •Since Heat energy is responsible for speech, the branch energy of Fear should be sedated within its structure.

    •Six Ki therapy using color has a good effect.

    •Stammering, as a rule, results from manifestations of pathogenic energy of Coldness at emotional and mental levels.

    •Tonification of emotions of Joy and Satisfaction is an indispensable condition of successful treatment.

    •Treatment of stammering should begin with sedation of fear at emotional level, or wisdom at mental level.

    •Warming of energy points from first session will yield a successful result.

    •Prevention of situations that bear stress for the child, and exclusion of pedagogic mistakes on part of parents and teachers will create a positive emotional atmosphere required for successful treatment of stammering.

    In therapy based on fundamental laws systemic knowledge is used that was accumulated by Chinese, Indian and Western medicine. SuJok, TriOrigin therapeutic methods include treatment through correspondence systems, byol-meridians, Six Energies treatment at the level of meridians and chakras, biorhythmic acupuncture, correction of emotional and mental states. This allows to effectively cope with severe diseases in a short time, including the chronic invalidating forms. The purpose of this work was to determine the effectiveness of different approaches offered by TriOrigin acupuncture for treating chronic forms of logoneurosis. Cure effect includes problems such as grinds teeth at night, restless sleep (often awakens, gets startled with sharp sounds), very touchy, began to stammer as learned to speak, obsessive motor neurosis, feeling of scared and crying, stammering appeared after a frightful event and intensifying with stresses and mental overload, troubled by involuntary movements of head, winking often etc. TriOrigin colors and seeds too give sprouting outcome if apply properly!

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