KIDNEY ‘renal’ analogy and sprouting outcome with concept micro-acu!

   An analogy when we are born, we have a Vital Qi or life force that we all own. In energy concept of TriOrigin kidneys function is much broader in scope than in Western medicine. Per oriental medicine, energy of kidney system is important for reproduction and fertility enhancement often starts with Kidneys!   

Functions and system of the kidneys are:    

Aid~ digestion    

Balance the kidney system~ the system sends its essence (a refined form of Qi) up, through the spine to nourish the brain. If there is “dizziness” with shaky balance, means the essence is not reaching the brain to support stability. There could be other patterns involved in addition to the kidney deficiency.    

Be the source of Qi for all organs~ the gas tank analogy.

Channels~ it receives energy from the bladder meridian and transmits it to the pericardium and most activity takes place from 05 pm till 07 pm. Its energy moves from sole centre towards ankle inner-to-inner knee then to penis, testicles abdomen (CV) and chest.    

Controls~ the reception of Qi.        

Disease~ tissues of osteoporosis, osteopenia, cartilage degeneration, vertebral problem.    

Emotional energy~ energy of UM-Fear phobia persistent and deep at emotional level.    

Essence~ stores (male sperm and female egg) and govern birth, growth, reproduction, and development.   

Facts & Tips~ if you have a herniated disc, you should try to keep up a natural spinal alignment, not too much bending while you’re sleeping.    

Fluids~ to congeal in body; cause pain    

House~ the will power.    

Infinite Intelligence of Our Body~ when the body sends us a signal in the form of a pain or symptom; it really is a message of intelligence. The symptom or pain is trying to get our attention for various reasons. The shaky balance is yet another signal that the kidney system could use some strengthening and support (the first that we know of was the disc herniation. If the cause is not supported, the body will keep sending forth signals in the form of symptoms.     

Intention~ energy of UM-Wisdom at the mental level.    

Maintains~ integrity of the low back and legs including knees and feet.    

Manifests~ on the hair (Each organ system manifests into an area of the body that can be seen, we could say the hair is the external bloom of the kidney system).    

Mental disease~ greed, reserve, niggardliness, amnesia, dementia.

Meridian~ kidney meridian of the foot, and centripetal belongs to the Yin system.     

Opens into~ the ears (Each organ system opens into an orifice that connects to the outside world, thus the ears for the Kidney system).    

Physical energy~ here the energy of UM-Coldness at the level of physical.  

Produce~ marrow; fill the brain, control bones.  

Pulse~ deep thready feeble pulse means kidney too is involved!

Smell~ when a person feels some sort of putrid smell from the body, that means kidneys are likely to be affected. Protect your kidney.

System disease~ urination frequent at night.

Taste~ metallic in mouth; a build-up of toxins in bloodstream as result of poor kidney function.

When Kidney System Weakens; kidney system is like “battery-pack” of our body. At certain age, kidney Qi is less that what is required. When you had back surgery, it pointed to a weakness in the kidney system, as that system weakened and unable to support the integrity of the low back. Low back pain (regardless if it leads to surgery) is a signal from the body that the kidney system could use some support and strengthening.     

   In either case renal or diabetes, even a person is on dialysis TriOrigin works effectively. As its energy concept can work even in core deepest area. Though number of things can cause kidney failure, but renal failure in particular is caused by anything that interferes with the flow of urine out of one’s kidneys. All of the blood in body goes through the kidneys, where waste is usually filtered out and excreted from the body as urine. To step-in for sprouting the results may put color with marker pens. In any case if it does not work, no side effects as it penetrate only 1mm micro needle that too only on the hands of upper epidermis skin layer!

   Changing diet can help protect the damaged kidneys. It can also help to control other associated diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure that makes kidney disease worse. Lifestyle too matters a lot in our own health! Get sprouting outcome with TriOrigin different modalities! Remember no diet control or less diet is ever recommended!
 ‘Dr Dinesh kapur’

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