Spine-vertebral ‘cervical to lumbar, coccyx’ complications…

    Spine a two-way conducting system, because it consists both descending (sends motor impulses from brain, pericardium to peripheral nervous); and ascending (sends sensor impulses from sense organs and body receptor into brain, pericardium) the nervous tracts. Spine a complex structure that is never still, and any slightest movement in body, affects spine, including breathing. Our upright posture puts added stress on neck and small of back, which are commonest sites of backache.Spinal nerves have motor fibers and sensory fibers. The motor fibers innervated certain muscles, while sensory fibers innervated certain areas of skin. A skin area innervated by sensory fibers of single nerve root is known as a dermatome.

    Cervical Nerves “C”: (nerves in neck) supply movement and feeling to arms, neck and upper trunk

    Thoracic Nerves “T”: (nerves in upper back) supply trunk and abdomen

    Lumbar Nerves “L”and Sacral Nerves “S”: (nerves in lower back) supply legs, bladder, bowel and sexual organs. 

    Traditional theory of TriOrigin states that Qi or vital energy is animating force behind life for all diseases as main root cause. It is well said that if one stays in touch with vital energy, ones’ life will be healthy in all its phases, be it •BODY •MIND •EMOTIONS •NEURO! 

    Micro acupuncture TriOrigin a powerful tool, which aids in strengthening and improve body’s immune as well as osseous system and serves to prevent disease, control pain and increases both ability and qualitative life. It has helped many people who were not successfully treated through conventional medicine. There is a dramatically improvement in condition or remedied in full including, SPINAL any problem!

    In spine, vertebrates are interlinked with different organs of body: 

    C1: Nao. PINEAL. Head back portion

    C2: Hotness. PITUITARY. Various areas of Head

    C3: Heat. THYROID. Side and Front of Head

    C4: Wind. THYMUS. Upper Back of Neck

    C5: Humidity. PANCREAS. Middle of Neck and Upper Part of Arms

    C6: Dryness. ADRENAL. Lower Part of Neck, Arms, and Elbow.

    C7: Coldness. SEX GLANDS. Lower Part of Arms, Shoulders.

    T1: AH-Hotness. HEART. Hand. Wrists. Finger. Thyroid.

    T2: UM-Hotness. LUNGS. Heart, its Valves and Coronary Arteries

    T3: AH-Heat. SPLEEN. Lungs. Bronchial Tubes. Pleura. Chest.

    T4: UM-Heat. PANCREASE. Gall Bladder. Common Duct.

    T5: AH-Wind. LIVER. Solar Plexus.

    T6: UM-Wind. KIDNEY. Stomach. Mid Back area

    T7: AH-Humidity. SMALL INTESTINE. Pancreas. Duodenum.

    T8: UM-Humidity. LARGE INTESTINE. Spleen. Lower Mid-Back.

    T9: AH-Dryness. STOMACH. Adrenal Glands.

    T10: UM-Dryness. DUODENUM. Kidneys.

    T11: AH-Coldness. GALL BLADDER. Ureters.

    T12: UM-Coldness. BLADDER. Small Intestines. Upper/Lower Back

    L1: Heat. NERVOUS. Ileocecal Valve. Large Intestines.

    L2: Wind. RESPIRATORY. Appendix. Abdomen. Upper Leg.

    L3: Humidity. CIRCULATORY. Sex Organs. Uterus. Bladder. Knee.

    L4: Dryness. DIGESTIVE. Prostate Gland. Lower Back.

    L5: Coldness. EXCRETORY. Sciatic Nerve. Lower Legs. Ankles. Feet. II.I.IV.V.VI. SACRUM


    •Hotness (skull bones). • Heat (cervical section of spine). •Wind (thoracic section of spine). •Humidity (lumbar section of spine). • Dryness (sacral section of spine). •Coldness (coccyx).

    •12 vertebrae of thoracic spine connected anatomical with twelve rib pairs. Together with sternum, they protect vitally important internal organs of thoracic and abdominal cavities.

    TriOrigin improves in spinal condition, further repairs, and strengthen vertebras. Nature of problem may be related to any~ be it of Sciatica, Spasm, Atrophy Cerebral, Atrophy Muscles, Cervical, Cervical Stiffness, Cervical Demyelination– lack of sensitivity throughout body, Lower Back ache, Lumbar pain, Vertebral stiffness, Osteo diffuse, Uterine myoma, Degenerative disease, Lumbar, Sacral, or Frozen-shoulder.

    Even term loss of pain or temperature sensation can damage nerve pathways responsible for receiving, transmitting or processing external stimuli. Or inability to urinate or urinary retention, despite having an urge to urinate, can effectively be controlled through spine itself. Pain in spine or in back may be a result of problems in bony lumbar spine, discs between vertebrae, ligaments around spine and discs, spinal cord and nerves, muscles of low back, internal organs of pelvis and abdomen, and skin covering lumbar area. Pains in upper back can also be a result of disorders of aorta, chest tumors and inflammation of spine or pain in arm may be because of spine is responsible either way.

    Aim is to promote health and ease sufferings. Give a Try! As process is only in miniature form of body reflects in fingers or palm through energy channels. Indirectly concept is exceptionally safe, as no direct application on organs. Treatment can be tailored to individual’s needs.

https://triorigin.me/ ‘Dr. Dinesh kapur’  

Believe in Cure!

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