TALK-much and fast means dominant energy of heat, joy…

   A person when having tendency of talking too much, that too so quickly, loudly means per energy concept of acupuncture TriOrigin is that heaving excessive desire and a strong desire which carry out some action according to emotional energies and at the same time an excessive heat dominant in the constitution of an individual. If to overcome the problem one should apply sedating perpendicular application as affected by heat energy, connected channels heart and small intestine. It may cause the person becomes willingly to do only what he wants to do. His wisdom is weakened and reasonable sense of judgement is also lost.  But at the same time the person becomes ambitious, vigorous.

   On the other hand dominant energy can injures body fluids, tongue and stool become dry, resulting constipated. Patient is most of the time thirsty.  It can also cause blood to travel outside channels leading to hemorrhages, rashes, body excretions are dark, yellow, sticky or foul smelling and inflammatory disorders (reddening, elevated temperature too.

   A person appears to be joyous and at the same time laughter for no reason holds the dominant energy ‘Heat’ that represents talkativeness excessive but jealous too! Don’t misunderstood of any state, but could be a sign of emotional disorder! Be aware!

   Essence TriOrigin theory provides a good explanation of essence of life. Under its postulates, energy of Heat maintains proper level of metabolic processes and determines activity of a living organism.It activates vital functions, enhances metabolism, controls body temperature and processes of further growth, connected to blood vessels and development. In excess of this energy further injure body fluids, tongue, stool become dry, and patient feels excessive thirsty too! To maintain the channel better to but color dots with permanent marker pen daily. The energy concept focuses that too in miniature form of hands.

 Ask for more clarifications! ‘Dr. Dinesh kapur’

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