CEREBRAL PALSY with micro color acupuncture

    Cerebral palsy in general term for variety of non-progressive movement disorders caused by damage to the brain.  The damage occurs before or during birth or in the first few years of life.  The brain damage may cause severe crippling or total paralysis, or the symptoms may be so mild that they hardly interfere with normal activities. Cerebral palsy involves lack of muscle control. AND effects of disorder includes clumsy walk, lack of balance, poor coordination, stiff, shaking, jerky movements, weak muscles, tremors, and unclear speech etc. In some cases, brain damage also cause mental retardation, learning disability, seizures and problems in sight and hearing.

    Causes: In most cases, the causes of faulty growth of brain that result in cerebral palsy cannot be determined. In some cases, however, brain damage may result from illness in mother during pregnancy. Or faulty growth of child’s brain may occur if mother is severely malnourished during pregnancy. Brain damage can also occur during the birth process, especially in premature births. In babies born after a normal term of pregnancy, brain damage may occur if there is a significant period of hypoxia (lack of oxygen), causing brain cells to die. But after birth, it may develop if disease or injury damages the brain or severe jaundice. During the first year of life, infections and accidental head injuries are the most frequent causes of the condition or inflammation of membranes that surrounds the brain and spinal-cord or encephalitis-inflammation of brain.

    Types: Cerebral palsy could be of ataxic, athetoid, hypo-tonic and spastic.  In ataxic form, the victim’s voluntary movements are jerky, and a loss of balance is suffered. In athetoid type muscles move continually. These movements prevent or interfere greatly with voluntary actions. A person with hypo-tonic cerebral palsy appears limp. The person can move little or not at all because the muscles cannot contract. In Spastic cerebral palsy victims have stiff muscles and cannot move some body parts  and have more than one muscle disorder. Some may lose the ability to walk if they gain too much weight. Treatment of cerebral palsy is aimed at preventing the disabilities from worsening and helping the child use his or her abilities to the best advantage. Each type of cerebral palsy requires different therapy. Each patient needs individual care. 

    Prevention of brain damage before, during, and soon after birth is most important way of curing cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy

    With energy concept TriOrigin colors may sprout the outcome. Though, it aids in strengthening the immune process and serves to prevent diseases, control pain and increase both the ability to function and the quality of affected persons live. Though, no medicine is ever recommended, hence no side effects. In any case wind energy is necessary to activate movement through energy pathways for better results! If applied properly, affected person may get the sprouting positive outcome the problem.

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