ORGANS not functioning properly and better option to revive it through meridian acupuncture….

ORGANS not functioning properly means a condition accompanied by the complete absence or under active functioning of an organs or a system is called the Neuto conditions of an organ per the ENERGY concept of TriOrigin. This is a kind of outcome through OPEN point of time factor. Chronopuncture OPEN point ~ NEUTO, it connects the patients energy with the invisible zero world environmental energy per fundamental energy concept, from where necessary source of energy comes without hindrances and it has general harmonising effect too. 

    The Neuto fundamental energy force is apparently different from the others by its nature. It has inexhaustible, abundant, unexplored depth, and being closed to the zero world and connected with it. Neuto force is often invisible and the passive in its nature. It is like the air we breathe, invisible but essential for life or the root of a tree; though invisible, they are very essential too. Neuto is the source of all other fundamental energies. The direct influence of Neuto on the real world is limited due to its zero nature. Neuto force is an unobvious, universal, all-embracing and primordial natural force that opens doors to zero world potential into real world, combing both worlds together. It seems calm, invisible, indifferent but has a considerable influence on the other forces. Neuto gives all beings its protection and the state of peace. Per ENERGY concept, get the sprouting outcome even the functioning of an organ is minimal similar to kidney failure condition.

    Conditions similar to chronic KIDNEY failure ‘CKD’ or any other organ or SPINAL damage or even liver or heart, Though the condition of patient is already chronic, still having treatment with the concept through CHRONOPUNCTURE TriOrigin method is helpful, a ray of hope to revival. The remission of the disease can be achieved and medicament’s therapy simultaneously can also be reduced or eliminated altogether. One should opt for it, give a try! Never ever ignore your medicine aspect but aid in sprouting outcome may put color and consult the passionate professional, as no chemical composition intake in the form of medicine, no harm applying this that too only on palm! ‘Dr Dinesh kapur’


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  1. Gratitude sir..😇😇


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