‘cholelithiasis’ with micro acupuncture!

    A gallstone is a crystalline concretion formed within the gallbladder by accretion of bile components. These calculi are formed in gallbladder, but may pass distally into other parts of the biliary tract such as cystic duct, common bile duct, pancreatic duct or the hepato-pancreas ampulla. Gall stones a small sac found just under the liver that stores bile, which helps to digest fats. Bile moves from gallbladder to small intestine through tubes called cystic duct and common bile duct. The most common symptom is pain in stomach area or in the upper right part of the belly, under the ribs. The size of gallstones ranges from grit like to several centimeters’ in width. There may be a single stone but more often there are many.


    Cause of gallstones, also called cholelithiasis is uncertain. It has been suggested that bile containing more than the usual amount of cholesterol, a normal bile constituent and a smaller than usual amount of bile acid may be likely to lead to stone formation. Production of this type of bile is an inherited tendency, which would explain why gallstones often run in families. Other possible factors include inflammation or infection of gall bladder, increased bile pigment formation, hormonal and other genetic factors.

    Symptoms may appear;

  • Abdominal bloating
  • Belching
  • Colic
  • Gas
  • Indigestion
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Pain in back between shoulder blades
  • Pain under the right shoulder
  • Recurring intolerance of fatty foods
  • Steady, severe pain in upper abdomen that increases rapidly

    Gallstones advice;

  • Avoid all foods with grease, oil as much as possible and ate as much bland food as possible.
  • Low Fat and a limited dairy diet do help.
  • Spicy food, fried food, acidity foods to be avoided. Also, stress a big factor.

    Current belief is that cholesterol stones are the result of bile made of too much cholesterol or bilirubin and not enough bile salts. Cholesterol stones may also form when gallbladder fails to properly empty during the digestive process. But those who develop pigment stones most often include people who have cirrhosis of the liver, biliary tract infections, and hereditary blood disorders that include sickle-cell anemia. These are all conditions that lead to the formation of too much bilirubin.

    Prognosis; Surgery to remove gall bladder (cholecystectomy) is most commonly advised if opt through the medicinal concept. But if opting through TriOrigin micro acupuncture non-conventional concept, Gallstone pain is felt under the right ribs and may be constant or spasmodic and are more chances to get sprouting positive results. The beauty of concept is that each application caters to the need of an individual. TriOrigin involves inserting very thin, micro needles into the specific energy pathways located on miniature form on hands or feet, along the meridians pathways where Qi travels, connecting the surface of body energetically with internal organs. ‘Dr Dinesh kapur’


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