TOXIC OVERLOAD and easy way out without chemical intake…


    TOXIC OVERLOAD means you are having the symptoms similar to!


    •Allergy including food, infections recurring, cold and flu (viral infections), bacterial infections, Fungal infections

    •Bad breath, breathing rapid panting

    •Being agitated

    •Brain fog, forgetfulness, memory loss, headaches

    •Cold hands-feet, fatigue, low energy, aching and stiff joints or lower back pain or feeling down in the dumps, cold sores

    •Constipation or loose bowels or severe digestive problems


    •Body fluids poor circulation


    •Immunity low

    •Indigestion, bloating or gas

    •Heartbeat irregular

    •Joints, bone problems

    •Lack of sex drive

    •Metallic taste in mouth


    •Morning sickness

    •Mucous excess (stuffiness)

    •Muscles sore

    •Numbness and tingling sensation

    •PMS and menstrual cramping or yeast problems

    •Premature aging

    •Hair loss excessive

    •Skin problems or cellulite

    •Sleep difficulties

    •Urine strong smelling

    •Tongue white coated

    …in broader way means… ACID OVERLOAD!

    Acid wastes; turn rancid, poisonous and collect on colon walls. This in turn may trigger diarrhea, constipation. Overall, colon and digestive system gets “gunked” up with acid wastes.

    Balanced pH environment, too much acid makes enzymes go haywire and when they slow down and misfire, you get sick.

    Eat, foods that are alkaline.

    Iodine, essential for a healthy thyroid plays a key role in metabolism so you burn fat and calories stimulates energy and helps keep skin, nails and hair healthy.

    Memory loss and brain dysfunction; too much acid makes blood circulation around brain to function with difficulty, so it doesn’t get the blood, oxygen and nutrients it needs, acid wastes in blood vessels can clog up capillaries leading to your brain, triggering memory loss and brain dysfunction…. The single best way to help reduce acid levels, flush acid wastes out of body and rejuvenate it.

    Phosphorus; required for strong bones and teeth works with calcium to maximize bone strengthening and helps kidneys effectively excrete wastes.

    Potassium; it neutralizes acids and restores alkaline salts in bloodstream.

    Water facts; body is 76 percent water! More than 99 percent of all chemical reactions in cells are facilitated by water! Looking for great health, one needs to constantly replenish that water! Drink responsibly. Water is nature’s own beauty cream!

    Too much acid causes body to give up alkaline minerals in an attempt to neutralize acids. For example, in order to overcome acid overload, body takes calcium from bones to fight the acid. This can lead to weaker bones, brittle teeth, inflamed joints and other problems such as stiff sore joints. If you’re not careful, acid wastes literally attack joints, cartilage and muscles—leaving you in pain and discomfort.
The truth is, excess acid that accumulates in joints turns to a salt, which then builds up. This acid in salt forms irritate joints and damages cartilage. What’s more, joints can’t carry away acid wastes from tissues and cartilage and one feel the pain, too much acid floods your joints, it’s like throwing gasoline on a fire.
Immunity will be stronger if your pH is alkaline…. Too much acid can clog up body’s hidden “detox” system!
Lymph fluid is essential for health and vitality because it carries nutrition to your body and removes acid wastes and toxins.

    In lifestyle;

    a. Hot water flushes out the toxins and opens up pores within the skin. It hydrates skin, indirectly in a way it’s a natural moisturizer as well, so try to absorb whenever possible.

    b. Make it a practice of clean, clear and clog-free whether daily activities or food habits!

    c. Avoid spicy food, preservative and carbonated drinks.

TriOrigin system is an efficient method to restore, support and maintain one’s health and to prevent disease. The concept is not only effective as a primary modality; it also plays a vital role as an adjunctive therapy. How meridians influence every cell in body and pass through every organ and organ system, which provides health practitioners with an exact and non-invasive means of determining health deficiencies, as well as method of re-establishing balance. It provides largest benefits without the dangerous side effects associated with many of the approaches of conventional medicine. You may try by putting same color indicator and seeds to the located area at least feel the first aid in syndromes. ‘Dr Dinesh kapur’

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