SKIN color effects on organs ~

   Skin is the organ that covers human beings’ body. It prevents bacteria and chemical from entering most parts of body further protects underlying tissues from harmful rays of sun plus temperature of internal levels of body. Glands in skin release sweat when a person becomes overheated, evaporates heat and so cools the body. When a person becomes too cool, body retains heat by narrowing blood vessels in skin. As a result, flow of blood near surface of body decreases, and body gives off less heat. Skin has many nerve endings that are sensitive to cold and heat, as well as pain, pressure, and touch. Basically, skin has three layers of tissue called Epidermis, Dermis, and Subcutaneous Tissue and skin color varies greatly among people.

   When some areas of skin remain light and others to darken, these darken skin sometimes called age spots or liver spots. Liver, according to energy concepts of TriOrigin, controls color of the skin.

   If a person’s skin is getting bluish mean wind energy in body is excess, and affected organs are Lungs and Large intestine according to new research!

   If any part of body is getting red, inflamed, having red spots, rashes, pimples means heat energy is responsible, and skin may be crusty, or fluid may ooze and in this case Heart and Small intestine are somehow responsible.

   If skin color is yellowish means, there is an excess energy of humidity and the meridians /organs responsible are Spleen and Stomach.

   If skin is of pale (white) color means tissues, cells, organs are having excess energy of dryness, and affected organs are Kidney and Urinary bladder [new research].

   If skin color is getting black means excess of coldness energy and responsible organs are Liver and Gall bladder.

   BUT in all the cases dominant energy controlled by the Liver [in some cases Lungs are also responsible]. A practitioner who understands the energy concepts, skin problem can be controlled, cure, overcome, and even rejuvenate is also possible. Skin problems like blue-black blotches, skin scars, marks, dampness, sponginess, venous system, outflow impaired, bruises, atopic eczema~ in most cases, it appears on face, back of neck or knees, or inner side of arms. Or dermatitis, contact dermatitis is an allergic reaction to certain substances that a person touch. Bacteria, fungi, or viruses can cause infections of skin, some of these invade body in areas where skin broken; others stay on surface of skin; like, many people develop a rash after being stung by nettles. Acne, bacteria, fungi, hives, impetigo, mole, psoriasis, warts, etc. aggravated problems can easily be overcome through the concept.

   Bacteria cause such infections as boils and impetigo that are painful, red lumps filled with pus.

   Viruses cause cold sores, shingles, and other kinds of infections. Cold sores are blisters that usually appear around the mouth. Shingles are painful blisters that occur primarily on the chest and lower back.

   As a person ages, skin also becomes thinner and drier and so starts to wrinkle. In addition, skin of an old person bruises and chaps more easily and heals more slowly.

   In lifestyle, skin to revitalize;

   •Fresh juice of apricot leaves is useful in skin diseases or eat more apricots

   •Hot water flushes out the toxins and opens up pores within the skin. It hydrates skin, indirectly in a way it’s a natural moisturizer as well. That means fewer harmful bacteria in the skin, mean smaller risk for skin infections and other conditions such as acne. Drink at least morning and evening lukewarm water and bath too with lukewarm water whenever possible!

   •Skin nourishes; fine lines and wrinkles are deeper when you’re dehydrated. Water is nature’s own beauty cream. Drinking water hydrates skin cells and plumps them up, making face look younger. It also flushes out impurities and improves circulation and blood flow, helping skin to glow. So, absorb in daily life more water!

   In most of the cases color acupuncture TriOrigin caters to the need of an individual according to energy constitution precisely increasing blood circulation and at the same time removing toxins. If skin problems in life is throwing you off-the balance, may consider the concept to regain peace of mind and stay healthy, as with opting this, lifestyle habits make a lot of difference. Dr Dinesh kapur’

2 responses to “SKIN color effects on organs ~”

  1. following dr dinesh kapoors posts since last 5 years. they are always educative and opens up fresh approach to the diseases to find the root cause. he will scale all new time heights if he found advice patients online of course for a fee commensurate with his knowledge with a touch of humanity.


    1. Greetings!
      Now started giving options through other mode also, may choose per link


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