ANGER emotional aspect and outcome in micro acupuncture

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Anger can be a force for a good sometime, but intense anger is neither helpful nor healthy. There is nothing wrong with anger inherently. Psychologists say it’s normal to feel angry when one’s wellbeing is disturbed or threatened and that goes for financial as well as emotional and physical wellbeing. Although people differ in way they express anger from time to time.
Chronic, intense anger is neither helpful nor healthy. It can cause problems in one’s personal relationships and at work; high levels of anger lead to heart attack, stroke, and premature death.
Tips for Taming Your Anger~ One should take better care for the self. Often it is possible to curb anger simply by cutting back on stimulants like caffeine and nicotine,anger which can shorten emotional fuse. Getting more sleep can also help in controlling such emotions and ditto for exercise. At same time water intake should be more!
Talk over your feelings. Having a heart-to-heart with a friend or family member can help you understand and overcome one’s anger. One may change emotional liability by hearing honest feedback from others, which can be a great way to understand and change emotional responses.
Just don’t go overboard: actually, reinforce angry feelings, making them more intense rather than less intense.
Make it a practice of delay and distraction. Mindfulness meditation can help, as can humming a favorite tune or saying a prayer. Even the deep breathing – silently intoning the word “calm” “smile” each time breathe in and out. Listening to loud, aggressive music can be a great way to curb anger.
Even if there is a tendency to come up anger unexpectedly, suddenly and lasts only for a short time; but is strong, destructive emotion, if prevails can hit or even kill another, this emotion is accompanied by great muscle power, unpredictable.
ORIGINALITY: People of this category are interested in what is new in shops today. They go shopping not to buy, but to get some new ideas. They like to walk into a shopping mall as if it were a museum. If they should but anything, it must be original, something that attracted their attention.
Such anger manifest: Sense of humor (original idea), modesty, vanity shyness (according to age group), irritability, and curiosity.
If a person is of aggressiveness, outrageous, irritability, fury, affective state, quarrelsome, disposition, peevishness, instability of mood means wind energy is dominant, and either Lungs or Large Intestine meridians are responsible for such emotional liability, if focusing through chakra base. But if to focus through meridians, one has to tackle the gall bladder or liver meridian for effective results.
One may get good positive results in TriOrigin concept of energy or even by mere putting black color dots with permanent marker pen; one can find visible changes. ‘Dr Dinesh kapur’

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