VULVITIS and micro acupuncture on two fingers!

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The vagina is an elastic, yet muscular canal, upper part of vagina connects to cervix, which opens into the uterus and lower part opens to outside of body. It lies between urethra, which connects to the bladder and the rectum.
During intimacy intercourse, vagina lengthens, widens and engorges with blood as it prepares to accept the penis. Additionally, vagina serves as a passageway for cervical mucus, menstrual fluid and other secretions out of the body. During childbirth, baby is pushed from the uterus out of body, also through the vaginal canal.
Vulvitis is inflammation of skin of vulva, external genitals of female which causes swelling, soreness, itching, redness and sometimes weeping. Small painful, splits and ulcers may also develop in inflamed skin, causing it to sting when wet by washing or urine. Itching of the external genitals is particularly miserable on scratching these parts. It is also more likely to be harmful, as on scratching, the worse things become.
It is important to know that the vagina is self-cleaning. Many women feel the need to douche or clean the vagina using sprays or deodorants. Not only is that not necessary, but it can actually harm vaginal health. The vagina maintains this self-cleaning property in a few ways. Its slightly acidic environment prevents most bacteria from living in it. Douching or cleaning vagina can alter the pH, making it more susceptible to bacterial or fungal infections. In addition, tissue lining the vagina is thickened after puberty and until menopause, which also helps prevents bacterial colonization.
Vulvitis itch may be caused by local infection, allergy, physical or chemical injury or lack of estrogen. Or it may be part of generalized skin inflammations such as eczema and HIV. Itch due to thrush and trichomoniasis is often associated with vaginitis inflammation of the vaginal from these causes. When both vagina and vulva are affected the condition is called vulva vaginitis. Other infections that may cause vulva itch include public lice, early and healing stages of genital herpes simplex, and vulvitisoccasionally genital warts. Lack of estrogen after the menopause can lead to atrophy vulvitis-thinning, drying and inflammation of genital skin which causes relentless itching and makes vulva skin more susceptible to infection. Allergy should always be suspected when there is no evidence of infection or atrophy. Causes include feminine hygiene products including douches, soap, ingredients, bubble baths, bath salts and oils, laundry detergents, spermicides, condom rubber or lubricants and even the dye from colored toiled paper. Food and drugs that bring out allergic rashes can also affect genital skin. Tight trousers and sanitary pads may cause vulvitis and itch.
Acupuncture micro TriOrigin can assist improve the overall woman’s health including vulvitis. The remission of disease can be achieved and medicament’s’ therapy simultaneously reduced or eliminated altogether. The course of treatment is definitely uneventful as one may observe the effectiveness from the initial few sessions. Moreover, the concept of energy treatment is only on the palm, fingers with modality micro needles, seeds! The treatment supports the rebuilding strength and resiliency that is essential for the recovery process, it has a calming effect! ‘Dr Dinesh kapur’

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