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KNEE joints with micro acupuncture!

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Joint where thighbone meets the large bone of lower leg. Knee moves like a hinge, but it can also rotate and move a little from side to side. The knee is more likely to damage than most other joints because it is subject to tremendous forces during vigorous activity.
Patella (knee cap) is a small, flat, triangular bone in front of joint. It is not directly connected with any other bone. Muscle attachments hold it in place.
Femur (thighbone) and tibia (large bone of lower leg) are connected in three ways; a) by ligaments (strong, cord like tissues), b) by muscles, and c) by a synovial capsule. The synovial capsule surrounds the joint.
Knee ligaments are the strongest connections between the femur and tibia. Ligaments keep the bones from moving out of position. Synovial capsule secretes a liquid called synovial fluid, which resembles raw egg white. The synovial fluid nourishes joint surfaces and reduces friction between them. If synovial capsule is injured, it may produce too much fluid. This extra fluid is sometimes called “water on knee” or “cyst on knee”.
Joints are often sprained or dislocated. A sprain occurs when ligaments around joint are torn or badly stretched. Serious sprains are painful, and if neglected may result in instability of joint. Dislocated joints should be treated as soon as possible by a doctor. Inflammation of joints may result from infections or from such disorders as arthritis.
Acupuncture TriOrigin; joints or knee joint problem may be because of Auto Immune disease and in energy concepts~ its Wind, simultaneouslyknee dryness in circulatory system too. Disorders such as inflammatory conditions of muscle, joint pain, chronic fatigues ‘when an overworked liver gets bombarded with artificial chemicals from foods, environmental pollutants, toxins from drugs, medications, to overcome symptoms ‘cleans your liver’. Even if unstable blood sugar levels; can experience fatigue, light headedness and an uncontrollable craving for sugar. No wonder most of people with low blood sugar levels tend to have weight problems as well as chronic yeast infections! TriOrigin a powerful medicine, which aids in strengthening immune mechanism and serves to prevent diseases, control pain and increases ability to function and qualitative lives. It has also helped many people who were not successfully treated through conventional western medicine. High effect is evident on pricking 1mm small micro tiny needles on hand to adjust energy system of body. ‘Dr Dinesh kapur’

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Dr Dinesh kapur ~ Consultant, Author
• SMILE; an essence of life, that creates perfection!
• Emotions ‘Lifestyle’ and Effects on Health
Dr Dinesh Kapur lives in the highest integrity and contributes to the wellbeing of others by being an example of benevolence. Besides being a practicing healer, consultant, blogger and author in natural concepts on different specialized concepts of crystals, shiatsu, chiropractic, colors and more specific different modalities such as micro acupuncture, color acupuncture, emotional energy flow, seeds, colors, spiral, mudra, chakra and the SMILE invisible M-Particles fundamental concept.
The whole process focuses only on the miniature form of body through energy channels in a compact system on hands, fingers only. The energy channels of meridian system influence every cell in the body and pass through every organ and its organic system. As the energy may go up to any extent, that may be the reason, it penetrates at core levels!
There is no direct application of any concept on any organs, irrespective of disease, but only in affected meridian channels. So the question of any side effect does not arise; at the most, if energy process does not work, it gives no results. Indirectly, the concept is exceptionally safe as there is no intake in any form of chemical composition called medicine.
The concept a powerful tool to accord exceptional positive effective results through ENERGY channel from normal cold to chronic disease like kidney failure, spinal vertebral problem or problems related to blood or even cells rejuvenation or woman’s issue and more…. Even effective in case of emotional, psychological disorders, or problem related to weight, or pain management. The treatment is effective at all levels ~ •BODY •PSYCHOLOGY •NEURO or Emotional. Effectiveness is not only restricted to treatment concept of common illnesses, which “chase” us in our daily round but also with cases difficult to cure even by the western medicine. The system is an efficient method to restore and support one’s health and to prevent disease.
The beauty of concept to caters the needs of an individual’s! Though, lifestyle too matters a lot in your OWN health! AIM is to promote health and ease sufferings with SMILE. When you smile, it’s an attempt to bring perfection the emotions, and with that perfection comes to the faculties of life!

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  1. Surprisingly, acupuncture sujok works exceptionally effective way, as I was having knees degenerative osteoartheritis with formation of osteophytes, and mild reduced space, resulting quite difficult to move. But having acupuncture sessions through doctor Dinesh, it shows unbelievable positive results.
Thanks to doctor for his indepth knowledge.
Kiran Gupta

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  2. The above article of Dr. Dinesh Kapur, a well known acupuncturist, on knee joint pain throws light on the detailed causes of the disease and its treatment through acupuncture. My own experience suggests that acupuncture is very effective in the treatment of knee joint pain.
    Having problems in both the knee joints, with cyst formation, it was impossible for me to flex or fold my legs properly. But with the treatment of acupuncture by Sujok, Dr. Dinesh Kapur, the problem has been solved. It was un-believable; Thanks to Dr. Kapur.
    Having taken the treatment from Dr. Kapur, I can vouch that the the Sujok acupuncture is most effective in arthritis and the related problems in knee joints etc. And it is less dangerous than surgery, steroids and other methods of treatment.

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