HYPOGLYCEMIA and easy way out through energy pathways on hands only!

Low blood glucose levels became very low to be known as hypoglycemia (or a ‘hypo’), and happen because any insulin in body has moved too much glucose out of the bloodstream. In most cases, hypoglycemia occurs if one has taken too much insulin, although it can happen if one skips a meal, exercise very vigorously, or drinks alcohol on an empty stomach. It happens more often with Type 1 diabetes, but it can sometimes happen with Type 2, if medication is too potent.
Symptoms ‘hypo’ includes though symptoms comes up usually quickly:

  • clumsiness, pallor, coldness
  • dizziness,
  • feeling shaky, nervousness, anxiety
  • feeling weak,
  • headache
  • hunger, and
  • nausea (feeling sick), vomiting, abdominal discomfort,
  • palpitations, tachycardia
  • sweating,
  • tingling lips,
  • trouble talking or light-headed and irritable,

A hypo can be brought under control simply by eating or drinking something sugary, such as fizzy drink, sugar cubes, chocolates or raisins. After having something sugary, one should then eat carbohydrate foods.
This immediately assist in developing complication such as of attack. If ‘hypo’ is not brought under control it can lead to: confusion, slurred speech, and unconsciousness. If this occurs, one will need to have an emergency. Other causes of hypoglycemia include kidney failure, certain tumors as insulinoma, liver disease, inborn error of metabolism, or severe infection.
The most effective means of preventing further episodes of hypoglycemia depends on the cause. The risk of further episodes of diabetic hypoglycemia can often (but not always) be reduced by lowering the dose of insulin or other medications, or by more meticulous attention to blood sugar balance during unusual hours, higher levels of exercise, or decreasing alcohol intake.
Many of the inborn errors of metabolism require avoidance or shortening of fasting intervals, or extra carbohydrates
Hypoglycemia due to hormone deficiencies such as hypopituitarism or adrenal insufficiency usually ceases when the appropriate hormone is replaced.
Hypoglycemia due to dumping syndrome and other post-surgical conditions is best dealt with by altering diet. Including fat and protein with carbohydrates may slow digestion and reduce early insulin secretion. Some forms of this respond to treatment with a glucoside inhibitor, which slows starch digestion.
Reactive hypoglycemia with demonstrably low blood glucose levels is most often a predictable nuisance which can be avoided by consuming fat and protein with carbohydrates, by adding morning or afternoon snacks, and reducing alcohol intake.
Idiopathic postprandial syndrome without demonstrably low glucose levels at the time of symptoms can be more of a management challenge. Many people find improvement by changing eating patterns (smaller meals, avoiding excessive sugar, mixed meals rather than carbohydrates by themselves), reducing intake of stimulants such as caffeine, or by making lifestyle changes to reduce stress.
In non-conventional concept of colors energy, one can find the difference even in first few applications. After overcoming one should properly get sessions to avoid later complications. As symptoms represents hypoglycemia is much hypoglyhigher in a person who takes insulin than in someone who does not because injected insulin cannot be “turned off,” diabetic hypoglycemia has a greater chance of progressing to serious impairment if not treated, compared to most other forms of hypoglycemia. Glucose levels are often above normal for long periods of time in persons with diabetes, hypoglycemic symptoms may sometimes occur at higher thresholds than in people whose blood sugar is usually normal.
The human body has to ingest carbohydrates, break them down to simple sugars like glucose, absorb these in the small intestine, and then store them in the liver. Today, the world medical practices witness the development of a unique trend and treatment of diseases that show serious and even phenomenal results from the beginning through the concept TriOrigin acupuncture. It’s methods, from the simplest to complex ones, are self-sufficient for coping even a problem hypoglycemia.
Glucose is as essential to life as water and oxygen. Cells use it as a source of energy to power a wide range of biochemical reactions. In nature, glucose exists in a stored form, in carbohydrates like starches and sugars.

https://triorigin.me/ ‘Dr. Dinesh kapur’


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