BED WETTING and spiral color TriOrigin

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BED WETTING means bed wetter has a slight delay in maturation of the nervous system. When bladder is full, the sleeping brain has to send a message down to the bladder not to pee, but if child’s nervous system is a bit underdeveloped, the message might not get through. Some experts ‘opinion that bed wetter may simply make more urine at night than other kids, and their bladder can’t hold it all.  Other believe that the bladders have a smaller capacity to hold in the urine compared with kids who stay dry.
A urine test could reveal a urinary tract infection or excess sugar in the urine as a cause. In the concept of energy colors TriOrigin acupuncture, bladder means ‘COLDNESS energy’ that could not hold expended energy of HEAT, resulting bed wetting, urination!
In spiral color concept of TriOrigin, one can overcome with this problem in initial few sessions but with right application. You can get definitely results but putting colors with permanent marker pen, there is no second thought on this.wetters

Believe! ‘Dr. Dinesh kapur’

About Dr. Dinesh kapur in cure! AIM is to promote health and ease sufferings with SMILE. The efficient process through energy channel is only on fingers reflect in miniature form of body in compact system. ENERGY too penetrates at core level, so nothing is impossible to find positive results. Indirectly, the concept is exceptionally safe with no side effects, as no direct application on the affected organs. TriOrigin embraces all spheres of life; there is no exception to it. It’s a master key for knowledge, a universal instrument for knowing the structure of universe. Lifestyle matters a lot in our OWN health! Believe and Act! en-JOY!

BELIEVE in Cure!

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