↗︎ Urinary Tract Infection

UTI [Urinary Tract Infection] known as acute cystitis or bladder infection begins when germs get into the urinary tract. It can cause problems anywhere from urethra to the bladder and up through the ureters all the way to the kidneys. When it affects lower tract known as cystitis and upper tract known as pyelonephritis, a kidney infection.
Includes pressure in lower pelvis, frequent urge to urinate and painful urination. The infection usually is not serious if given attention. But when it spreads to the kidneys, it can cause major damage.
Signs of a kidney infection include fever, nausea, vomiting, flank pain and pain in one side of the lower back.uti
Prevention first

  • Acidic~ 
fruits are better choice in UTI case as Vitamin C increases the acidity level of urine, which in turn helps decrease the number of harmful bacteria that may be present in urinary tract system
  • Citrus juices and fruits like oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits and clementine are all acidic, better option to take more.
  • Fluids intake especially water to not less than 3 liters a day, unless not restricted. Water helps flush urinary tract, so make sure to drink plenty!
  • Milk and dairy product is to be avoided more particularly at night.
  • Do not hold the urine when need to urinate! Empty the bladder. Women are often in a rush to finish task before needing washroom. Holding it, when you need to go, can help any bacteria that may be present develop into a full-fledged infection.
  • Better to take shower instead tub bath, which helps to prevent bacteria from entering.
  • Always wear cotton fabric lets moisture escape while other fabrics can trap moisture, creating a potential breeding ground for bacteria.
Persons with spinal injury are at increased risk for UTI in part because of catheter use, and in part because of voiding dysfunction.

Observe and apprise if it eases.

TriOrigin a new stage in the development of Oriental medicine. It pays attention to the organic interrelationship between the affected parts and the meridian. While the western medicine looks at visible pathological phenomena, acupuncture looks at invisible fundamental life energies running all over the body along meridians, the situation of so-called Ki. The process is by using extra fine micro needles at precise energy gates on the joints to encourage natural healing and improve functioning in the miniature form of hands or feet. To make it effective in natural way, may put ‘colors’ pulse size dots with marker pen to aide in syndromes.

https://triorigin.me/ ‘Dr.Dinesh kapur’

2 Replies to “↗︎ Urinary Tract Infection”

  1. Hello Sir, Thanks for your reply.
    Please find the details of my daughter illness below and the reports pics attached.
    My daughter was born absolutely fine. When she was 2.5 months old we went for her vaccination and doctor found out that her head size has not improved and she is not responding as a 2.5 month old should respond. After that there was no end, we went to neurologists and found out that she is a case of microcephally. Her MRI, VEP and EEG was done. Reports are attached with this mail. After that her infant stimulation and physiotherapy was regularly done. We could not see much improvement in past 5 years, she is not able to sit, crawl, swallow, chew, stand, walk, speak.
    She eats by gulping the mashed food. In between she had episode of seizures in Jan 2013 and was put on anti convulsion (Eptoin 50mcg) since then, after that no seizure episode. Her MRI and EEG was repeated in Jan 2013, reports are attached. In Jan 2015 we tried to find out the reason behind her this problem and got her genetic study done. Study revealed that she is suffering from genetic problem which is foxg1 syndrome, report for the same is also attached.
    She is also suffering from Grade 1 reflux in urinary tract, because of which she used to suffer from repeated UTIs when she was 1 year old. She was put on prophylaxis Sporidex.
    So as of now she is on following medicine:
    Eptoin- 50mcg
    Carnisure- 5ml
    Liofen- 10mg in morning and 5mg in afternoon
    Sporidex 250- 3.5ml
    I want to mention i thing more, i have got her magnet treatment done. I will also attach the pic where i used to apply the magnets. Somehow i could not find the results.
    Please help me because i want my daughter to at least reach a stage where she can perform her daily chores herself.
    Her pic is also attached.
    Please let me know what is the fees and how it is to be paid.
    Thanking you, Anuradha


  2. Hello Dr.
    I need color therapy for UTI. My lymph-nodes were initially of 24.116.2 mm have reduced to 11.36.3 mm now!
    Regards, Sujatha


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