⤴︎ EMOTIONS are metaphysical!

EMOTIONS are metaphysical!

Emotions are a metaphysical factor. Emotional treatment is metaphysical treatment and works in a precisely manner that is why it is a metaphysical way to solve the issues which gives a quick effect. Emotions of love, gratitude, wonder, delight, compassion, improvement and all forgiveness contribute to broadening of consciousness, transformation of thought, feelings, body, behaviors’ and whole life of an individual.
Emotional energy, as Neutro, travel most freely, lightly along spiral Neutro energy pathways so emotional therapy is very effective in spiral meridians of energy concept of TriOrigin.
Health makes you feel the right time is NOW!
Neutro accepts everything and uses everything in this world. Neutro emotions are capable of harmonizing any Homo and Hetero emotions. Corrections of emotional imbalance lead to harmony on the physical level. Though,
disease is an experience of metaphysicalmortal mind. It is fear made manifestation on the body. Divine Science takes away this physical sense of discord, just as it removes a sense of moral or mental in harmony.
This is practically possible to have through the energy concept of TriOrigin with small 1 mm micro tiny needles on hand to adjust the energy system of body or with small magnets similar to pulse size to put on fingers only.
The aim is to promote health and ease sufferings. Give a Try!
 Effectiveness is not only by the treatment concept of the common illnesses, which “chase” us in our daily round but also with cases difficult to cure even by the western medicine – including some spinal, chronic kidney or heart, even in certain cases of cancer diseases. Often the curing effect is immediate and proves itself by the very first procedure in some emotional cases.
Emotions different fundamentals Original feeling, pride, shame and modestly or wonder, boast, shyness and smile can effectively be handled. Emotional energy or states of different five elements and eight ki of anger, agitation, joy, happiness, satisfaction, agony, anxiety, sadness and fear is easily within its combat to control. If a patient feels unhappy with his life, applying some energy concepts may be a reasonable approach to give positive opinions!
To aide in positivity of emotional aspect, may put color marking too, as mentioned.

https://triorigin.me/ ‘Dr.Dinesh kapur’

2 responses to “⤴︎ EMOTIONS are metaphysical!”

  1. Amazing treatmrnts, will love to have it here in USA NAMASTE


  2. Thanks for this excellent post.


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